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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti


Dr. Robert Chase

Opening Scene: Boys are playing lacrosse and parents are cheering them on. A player starts to have blurred vision and then gets knocked down by opposing player, his helmet pops off. He is very disorientated. The coach asks him if he is all right and then yells to call a doctor. 

House is in an exam room reading a magazine. Wilson comes in and House tells him to close the door. House asks Wilson if Dr. Cuddy is around. House tells Wilson that Dr. Cuddy knows House is here, but not that he is alone. Wilson points out that there is a full waiting room. House is trying to get out of the last 5 minutes of work. Wilson tells House that he would not have to lie if he had a case, and House informs him he has no cases right now. Wilson emphasizes to House that he has a brilliant team just sitting around doing nothing. 

Back at Housesí office we see Dr. Chase doing a crossword puzzle and Forman giving him one of the answers 

House goes to clinic main desk and informs the nurse on duty he is officially checking out for the day. A man approaches Dr. House, and House tells him he is done for the day. The man informs House that they have an appointment. The man shows House a letter saying he would see them. House tells them he is not a big letter writer and takes a look at the letter. House wonders when did his signature get ďso girlyĒ? 

Dr. Cameron offers to explain why she signed the letter with his name. House tells her the next time to get his attention try wearing something hot. She explains the case of the young athlete to House. When she mentions night terrors, House suddenly gets interested. House gets up and Dr. Cameron asks where he is going and House answers he is off to see the family. She is puzzled that he wants to personally examine the patient. He tells her that a teenager having night terrors is very interesting. 

House begins examining the young man (Dan) and asks him questions about his symptoms. He tells him to name as many animals as he can that begin with the letter ďBĒ. Dan has trouble doing it. He tells the family that in teens, there are two likely causes of night terrors, Post traumatic stress and then ruling out trauma, that leaves sexual abuse. He asks Dan who is molesting him? He tells the parents that asking if it is them would be useless as they would deny it.  Dan tells House he got hit in the head during a lacrosse game. House asks Dr. Cameron if she knew he got hit on the head and she tells House that the family did not mention that to her. The father tells House they took Dan to the ER right away and had all the tests run and the ER said Dan was fine. House tells the father that he hounded him for a diagnosis and now he does not like what House has told them. It is obvious the ER screwed up the tests and he has a concussion. Dan tells House he had double vision before he was hit. House says he needs glasses. Dr. Cameron tells House she brought him a reasonable case and she shoved it back in her face just to humiliate her. House tells Cameron she must be an only child because everything is about her. House looks back and notices the Danís leg jerks. House goes back to the Dan and asks if he bored him back there or is he tired? House asks him if he tired right now? House tells the family that Dan had a myoclonic jerk, this happens when you fall asleep. House tells the parents that since he is not sleeping his leg should not jerk, House then tells Cameron to admit the Dan. 

House is back in his office with his team starting to do a differential. Foreman says that his symptoms do not look good and that the brain is losing control over the body. Chase says it might not be that bad, it could be an infection. House disagrees with Chase. House asks the team if this diagnosis might be compromised because they do not have an accurate family history? Cameron speaks up and insists she did take an accurate family history. House now tells Cameron that she did not take an accurate history as Danís father is not really his biological father, and that 30% of all dads out there do not realize they are raising someone elseís kid. Foreman disagrees with House on this point. Cameron insists if Dan got whatever he has from his parents, his parents would be dead by now. House offers up a bet of $50 that says he is right. Foreman takes the bet and ups it to $100. Chase continues the differential with other alternative ideas. House decides to see if Dan is really is having night terrors and orders a test.  

Now Dan is in a bed in a testing lab with Foreman and Chase. We see House walk into the room pushing a surgical table towards Danís bed.  House secures Danís restraints and tells him the EEG revealed abnormalities in his brain, which effects the nerves in his toes. House goes to put surgical gloves on, and Dan starts to get visibly upset wondering what is happening. He asks House what he is doing? House starts cutting his toe off, and Dan starts to scream. This turns out to be just one of Danís night terror dreams. Chase looks at the monitor and tells Foreman he is definitely having a night terror.  

Dan is now getting a MRI. Foreman is telling House all the tests that they have run and the results, which all came back normal. House looks at the MRI. Foreman says there is nothing to explain his symptoms. House says lets pretend there is something and go from there, and asks them all who sees anything on the MRI? The whole team says they see nothing wrong with his MRI. House says Dan is 16 and should have an absolutely pristine brain, that the smallest thing would be abnormal. Chase suggests meningitis. Foreman disagrees and House says that Chase knew House sees something in the MRI and just took a guess. House tells them to look closer at the MRI and can not believe they do not see it. Chase now sees what House saw, bowing in the brain. Foreman says it is a tumor but House disagrees with him and that the problem is blockage, causing pressure on the brain. He tells them what tests to run. 

Foreman starts with a lumbar puncture and injects some radioactive material into Dan. Now at the lab Foreman informs everyone that the Dan and his dad have different color eyes. Foreman asks Chase is there any excuse they can give the parents to run a DNA test to settle the bet. Chase jokingly says he could tell them that the whole family has to be tested or theyíll die. House enters the lab, Foreman informs him there is a lot of blockage and Chase has scheduled Dan for surgery and then Dan should be just fine. House tells Foreman and Chase that Dan is lucky to have them for his doctors and walks off. 

House is now at the clinic with a patient. A mother is there with her baby and she tells House that she just uses breast milk and no formula to feed her baby. The mother tells House the babyís face just got swollen overnight. House checks, no fever and the glands feel normal. He now notices that the babyís vaccination dates are missing from the record. The mom tells him she is not vaccinating. That she believes the whole idea of giving babyís vaccinations is a plot by the drug companies just to make money. House asks the mom if he can hold the babyís toy frog. He takes the frog and starts playing with the baby. He tells them mom (sarcastically) what a great company that made the toy frog he is playing with. He then goes on to tell her that another really good businesses are companies that make tiny, teeny coffins. That they comes in all different colors. The mom now starts to look horrified. House goes on to explain to her that the antibodies she gives the baby while nursing protect the kid for just six months, that the drug companies know this and think they can gouge you to spend whatever they can to keep your kid alive. He tells her to go ahead and prove the drug companies wrong and not get the $40 vaccination. When enough people like her have their kids die then prices will drop real quickly. The mother now terrified asks House what the baby has, and he tells her a cold. 

The team meets House at the clinic and tells him the surgery and recovery went fine but that there are complications. The bowing was not the cause of the problem but it was a symptom. Chase shows House the test results and he tells them that Dan has multiple sclerosis. The team is skeptical about MS for many reasons. House says if it is MS it is progressing rapidly and they should start treating Dan right now. He tells them to break the news to the family and that he is going home. 

Chase starts explaining to Dan and his parents what he has and itís progression. The family is very scared about this news. Chase gives a full explanation of what MS is and what is going to happen to Dan due to this disease.  

It is now nighttime and a nurse goes into Danís room only to find he is not there. The team is informed and starts looking for Dan. House is at home and the phone rings, he ignores it. House listens to the message and returns to the hospital. As he enters the hospital he runs into Dr. Cuddy who is in her tennis clothes. She asks what he is doing back at the hospital, a patient? House answers ďnoĒ a hooker, they mistakenly went to his office and not his home. Dr. Cuddy is stunned. House gets off the elevator and runs into Foreman who tells him Dan is missing. House tells him he got that part of the message and that he was needed immediately. Foreman tells House Dan should not be moved after at LP at which House agrees and says that he could have told him that the next morning. Foreman says that they wanted to keep House informed. House tells Foreman Dan is not a toddler wandering around a department store, he is 16 and they will find him. House tells Foreman he is going home. Foreman asks House should they not call him about stuff at which House tells him only if he can do something about it. House finally tells Foreman to check the roof as sometimes the orderlies leave the door open when they catch a smoke. The team rushes up the stairs to the roof where they finally find Dan. Dan is imagining he is a lacrosse field. He starts walking around and finally he hears Chase ask him if he is okay? Chase tells Dan they are on the roof of the hospital. Dan walks to the ledge and they all realize he does not know where he is. Dan goes to take a step off the roof when Chase tackles him and saves him from falling.  

The next day House sees Foreman and asks if he found Dan. Foreman tells House that Dan thought he was on his lacrosse field. House and Foreman both go back to the office. He tells them that Dan does not have MS since he was conscious when he was on the roof, therefore it was not a night terror and not MS. They all start thinking of what this new information means and what he could have.  

Foreman is now with Dan injecting medicine into his spine telling him they will be doing this twice a day for the next two weeks.  

House is back with a patient at the clinic that has some sort of disgusting wound on his knee. House says it looks like a puncture wound, as if the patient stuck a nail in himself to relieve the pressure. The patient says he would not do something like that. The patient finally admits to House he that he used his wifeís nail file to puncture the wound. House tells him that pain will make you do stupid things. He takes out his bottle of vicodin and offers the patient some. House starts asking the man questions like where he lives, is he in town for work, etc.  The man does not understand why he wants to know. House says that the man is from out of town, drove 70 miles to a free clinic, passed two hospitals to get treatment for a simple problem. He probably has pissed off and/or sued the hospitals close to him as well as his local doctors and now no one will treat him. The man starts to get ticked off and goes to leave saying he will find someone else to treat him. House tells him he never said he would not treat him. Wilson is with House asking him why did he treat this patient? House says because he does not know that the doctors the man is suing do not deserve it. House tells Wilson about seeing Cuddy in her cute little tennis outfit last night. Cuddy then walks up and asks House how his hooker is doing? Cuddy asks House if there a paternity bet on the father of the patient? Cuddy tells Wilson and House she saw the father in the lobby and her money is on the father. Cuddy enters the bet telling House if she wins, he attends the symposium and wears a tie, and House tells her if he wins no clinic hours for a week.  

Chase is with Dan again trying another treatment. He tells Dan to try and focus on something. Then he points out Cameronís necklace (she is on his other side of Dan holding him down). Chase knows Dan is looking right at Cameronís breasts. Dan starts to have hallucinations again. Cameron tells Chase that Dan is hearing voices. Dan begins to scream. 

House and his team are back in their office discussing the newest symptom. House says that the penicillin is either bad or their diagnosis is wrong. They start to discuss new theories about the case. They are stumped and are running out of ideas. House instructs the team to do some new tests on Dan.  

House is outside eating lunch with Wilson discussing the case. House looks and sees Danís parents walking nearby. He is pissed that the parents see him and might want to talk and/or yell at him. Danís mother asks House how he can just sit there while their son is so sick?  The father tells House that he does not care about their son and has not even checked on him. House then tells them Danís most recent blood pressure reading, that his shunt is in place, what the EKG shows, and that he is hearing voices. House tells them to go back in and be with their son. After they leave House grabs their drinking cups so he can run a DNA test. Wilson can not believe he is doing this. House offers Wilson to double the bet.  

House finds Cameron and Foreman in the lab running tests. House gives them the cups and tells them to run DNA test.  

House is walking in the hospital and runs into the patient that he treated who sues his doctors. He has papers for House. The man tells House that he (House) has caused him severe mental stress. He tells House he is willing to consider a settlement. House tells him has gonorrhea. The man says he doesnít but House says he has the lab results to prove he does. House tells the man that his condition must be reported and that his wife must be informed. The man now wants the papers back but House tells him no and that they are his and House will see him in court.  

The team is back in the lab running the tests and getting the results. So far nothing that helps. Cameron suddenly tells Chase and Foreman that House is right, the father is not the father. Chase goes one further and informs them that the mother is not his mother either.  

The parents are in Cuddyís office telling her they want to send Dan to another hospital and get another opinion. She explains to them that in his condition it is not a good idea to move Dan. Suddenly House bursts in the office and tells the parents they are idiots and they lied to him. The father tells House they did not lie about anything. He informs Danís parents that he knows they are not his biological parents. They tell House they are his parents for all that matters. The father admits Dan was adopted and that Dan does not need to know about that. House tells them he needed to know to properly treat Dan. He explains to the parents that when they were taking a medical history, the doctors needed biological information and not who loves him the most in the whole wide world.  Cuddy wants to know how House found out about this? He tells them all that he sampled their DNA. He explains how he took their cups for samples and Cuddy is outraged and House can not do something like that. The father tells House the medical history they provided was a detailed history of his biological mother. The mother tells House all about Danís birth motherís medical history. The father says Dan was adopted two weeks after he was born. House asks the parents was the mother vaccinated? The father says that Dan was vaccinated at six months. House explains that kids get vaccinated at six months because prior to that they are protected by the motherís immune system. Again he asks them, was she vaccinated?  

House explains a child picks up a regular measles virus. He gets a fever and rash but he lives. The kicker is every so often the virus mutates and instead of Dan having a fever and rash, the virus traveled to his brain and hides like a time bomb. In this case for 16 years, and he now has subacute sclerosing panencephalitis. It is a very rare occurrence. Dan is now in stage one of the disease and there is no way to know when he might go into stage two. It can be treated with interferon. If they treat him and they are wrong it could kill him. House leaves the decision to Foreman.

Dan is in a treatment room and they are going to put a needle into his pupil but they tell him he will not feel it.  This is so they can perform a biopsy on his retina. They confirm the diagnosis and Foreman informs the parents about Danís treatment. Foreman tells the parents the treatment is dangerous and could kill Dan but they should do it.
Dan is now getting the treatment in the OR. 

Cuddy is in her office with House saying he canít run a $3200 DNA test and charge it to the hospital. House says insurance will pay, Cuddy says they will not. House explains they did it for the bet, but in the end the DNA test saved the kidís life. Cuddy tells House she will let him out of clinic duty for a week after he pays for the DNA test. House gives her the money he won from everyone who bet against him. 

Cameron and Foreman are with Dan and tell him the treatment is working. Dan tells them he has known he was adopted because of his cleft chin. He has one and his Dad does not.  

Final scene is of House watching a lacrosse game and then standing in an empty playing field.

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