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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti


Wilson and Cameron

Opening Scene: Parents are holding their new born baby and discussing possible names for her. The baby spits up and the Mom is concerned because the baby has not eaten anything. The mother asks her husband to go get the nurse. He is reluctant to bother them but she insists. A doctor comes to look at the baby and tells the parents if you lived underwater for 9 months you would be spitting up too. The doctor tells the parents the baby is a little lethargic and is running a temperature. Suddenly the baby starts seizing and the doctor calls out for help. Other medical staff rush in and start to work on the baby all the while the parents are asking what is wrong with her. 

House is in the staff lounge eating and watching his soap opera. He is speaking out loud to the TV what is really wrong with the pretend patient. Other staff members walk in and ask House if he is enjoying their lounge?  The two other staff members start discussing the baby they just treated this morning and House listens in. They discuss that they baby has a bowel obstruction and is currently under observation. House then suddenly leaves the lounge.  

House is now with Wilson in the NICU reviewing baby girl Hartig situation. Wilson finds it hard to believe that House is actually with a patient. House tells Wilson that people do not bother him until they have teeth. Then House starts to tell Wilson about another baby born around the same time and was brought into the NICU three hours before the Hartig baby. Wilson tells House that he hung out in the pediatric lounge all morning and heard about two sick babies. House tells Wilson that there is an infection spreading in the hospital. Wilson scoffs and tells House that the two babies have totally different symptoms. House however insists he is right about an infection spreading.  

House is now in Cuddy’s office explaining his theory to her and she is skeptical about his theory, however House insist he is the only one that examined both babies. House wants the babies to be isolated, and the maternity ward shut down. Cuddy insists that House sees a problem because he wants to see a problem. Cuddy tells House that two sick babies is a very sad thing, but it is not an epidemic. Cuddy then leaves and House then asks himself how many sick babies do constitute an epidemic?  

House returns to his office and throws a file at Chase and tells him they are going hunting. Foreman asks House, hunting for what? House answers him, “Wabbits”. 

Now we see a woman in bed with her husband sitting next to her. House walks into their hospital room and goes to look at their baby. House passes the baby to Foreman and tells the parents their baby is fine and House leaves. Foreman puts the baby back in the bassinet and apologizes for their interruption. Next Cameron and Chase enter a room where a woman is in the process of delivering her baby. Cameron apologizes to the family and tells them “wrong room” and she and Chase leave. Outside the room Chase and Cameron confirm they have checked out the whole floor. They meet up with House and Foreman and tell them that the good news is there is no epidemic. House tells them they have to check the overflow rooms on the third floor and he heads to the elevator. House enters the room of another mother who is holding her baby and he asks her “did he get hot all of a sudden”? The mothers tell House “yes”.  

We now see Cuddy outside the NICU where staff is bringing in more babies. Cuddy sees a new couple arriving to check in for a delivery and she tells them that this unit is closed right now. She tells them that a nurse will arrange an ambulance to take them to Princeton General. House walks out of the elevator and Cuddy asks him if he is happy now? He says “no” but he is interested now.  

House is back with his team in his office telling them they now have three sick babies and a fourth showing symptoms. Cuddy is with them asking how did this happen? None of the babies shared a delivery room, personnel or anything else in common. Cuddy says she is putting a team together to start swabbing the infected areas.  Foreman says what is Cuddy going to swab, everything in the hospital? That would take months and they do not even know what they are looking for. Cameron asks why House let Cuddy go and he tells her that the hospital is Cuddy’s baby and that baby is sick. If Cuddy does not solve this soon her head will explode. House then asks his team to start a differential, and the team starts throwing out ideas. House and team narrow down the ideas and since cultures will take 48 hours, it might as well be post mortem. He tells them which treatment to start for which illnesses. He then tells team what tests to run and that he will be in the clinic and to find him if they find or don’t find something important.  

The Hartigs are standing in the hallway watching a nurse wheel their baby down to NICU. The team starts to do an MRI on one of the babies. Cameron now tells the second family they did not find anything on the MRI so they are now treating him with very strong antibiotics. The mother tells Cameron she is worried, as her baby is so small. The mother asks Cameron how sick is her baby and she tells the mother his vitals. The mother asks her is that bad and Cameron stalls. So Foreman steps up and explains the situation to her.  The mothers tells Cameron and Foreman she is worried that she had a cold a few weeks ago and maybe she got her baby sick. Both doctors tell her that it did not, and that her baby was born healthy and caught an infection after his birth. Outside of the patient’s room Foreman chastises Cameron for not being able to answer the mother’s basic question. She tells Foreman that it is easier to die then to watch someone die (referring back to her deceased husband).  

Cuddy has her med students in the maternity ward swabbing everything for infections. Wilson asks her how many students she has working on this? She tells Wilson the only thing she found out is that half the antiseptic dispensers are either broken or empty. Wilson says that while that is bad, diagnostically it does not help. Cuddy tells him it is important, if the staff can not properly wash their hands. Cuddy goes up to a student and tells him to put a tie clip on or lose the tie.  

House is in the clinic with a patient describing her symptoms to him. She tells him maybe she is over training as she is preparing for a marathon. She also tells House she can not lose any weight. House asks her to lift up her arms which she does. Then Houses tells her she has a parasite. She asks House if it is a tapeworm? He tells her to lie back and lift up her sweater. She asks House if he can do anything about it and he tells her only for a month and then it becomes illegal to remove it except in a couple of states. House tells her not to worry, that many women learn to embrace this parasite. They name it and dress it up in tiny clothes, arrange play dates with other parasites. He then shows her the ultrasound screen and tells her “it has your eyes”. She tells House it is impossible that she is pregnant. He tells her he assumes she was not getting her period. She tells House she is on birth control implant and he tells her he noticed the scar on her arm. She tells House that her doctor said she might not any periods at all if it is working. He tells her she might not get any periods if it is not working either which is why she was suppose to get regular pregnancy tests. House tells her she is due in 5 months. She then explains to House that while she and her husband wanted children, a few months ago they had a big fight and she had a one night stand. House tells her he will schedule a paternity tests but she does not want her husband to know about the affair. He asks her does her ex-boyfriend look like her husband? She answers “yes” and he tells her to just pass the kid off as her husband’s and that the best marriages are built on lies.  

House is back in his office with his team telling them that they “look cheery” and what is going on? Cameron gives House an update on the babies. House says that the antibiotics are causing the kidneys to shut down.  Foreman tells House he is the expert on this and what antibiotic should they take the babies off of? Chase speaks up and says both antibiotics can cause this and there is no way to know which one, and there is no test to find out. Chase says they have to take their best guess. Foreman says that it is always MRSA in hospitals. House tells them there is no point in guessing, that they have to take one baby off of one drug and the other off the other and see what happens. The team tells House that is not right to experiment with these babies. He tells them that they have at least four sick babies, and how many more that have not started showing symptoms. If these two babies have different reactions then they will know how to save the rest. Foreman tells House that he is condemning one of these babies to death based on a random chance. House answers Foreman. “I guess I am”. 

Back in the NICU, the babies are crying. House is now with Cuddy in her office and she is questioning him on his “flipping a coin” method of treatment. The hospital lawyer is also questioning House’s solution but also telling him while he does not object to House losing his license over this, he has to protect the hospital from lawsuits. The lawyer tells House he has to come up with some medical reason for doing this. Cuddy also tells House he can not experiment on these babies. The lawyer and Cuddy tell House he has to get informed consent from each baby’s parents to this treatment and House tells them that approach will not work then as they won’t give consent. House reminds them both that two more babies have just become symptomatic. He asks the lawyer who takes precedence, six dying babies or one missing consent form? They lawyer still tells House he can’t do it but Cuddy tells House to do what he thinks is best.  

House is back in his office at his desk playing with a coin trying to decide what he wants to do. Foreman and Cameron each separately tell the families the situation. They are going to take their baby off his meds. While not telling them what they are actually doing. Both families want to know what caused their baby to get sick and Cameron and Foreman give them each a different answer. Foreman does tell his family that what they are doing is a “Hail Mary Pass”, and that their baby is very sick and this is their only chance. It may work and it might not work. Cameron gets asked the same question from her family and she tells them they will know if it is working in about 24 hours. It is obvious she is not comfortable with this answer.  

Cameron runs into Wilson, and he asks her what she told them. Cameron tells Wilson she told them the truth and that they seemed relieved. Wilson admonishes Cameron for not telling them how sick their baby is and could possibly die. She tells Wilson that is not how she sees it. That no matter what she tells them today, if their baby dies nothing she told them now is going to matter. She tells Wilson just to give these parents a few hours of hope.  

House is leaving his office for the day, when the pregnant clinic patient runs up to him, now with her husband. House is not thrilled they found him and the husband, Charlie senses that and tells his wife they should leave House alone. The woman tells House about the mono he thought that she had, and House is confused. She wonders that shouldn’t her husband be tested? She is obviously referring to the paternity test House wanted to do. Now House understands what she is talking about. He tells her sorry he forgot who she was, he must have confused her with the patient who does not know how to use birth control. The husband tells House he can’t have mono as he does not feel sick. House tells him that may be the first sign and for him to call his office to set up a test in the morning, then House enters the elevator and leaves.  

Wilson finds Cuddy and the med students still swabbing the maternity ward and he asks her if they have found anything yet. She tells Wilson they have found nothing useful. Cuddy sees the med student with the tie still hanging and goes over and cuts it off.  

One of the mother’s is standing outside the NICU looking in on her baby and Chase walks out. She asks Chase if her baby is any better, and he tells her that their fever has been stable for the last hour. She confides to Chase that if the baby dies, that her marriage will not survive. She relates to Chase a story about her neighbor who went through the same thing and what happened to them. Chase tells her that he does not know what happens to patients after they leave the hospital but not to get ahead of herself. Suddenly an alarm goes off, Chase runs back into the NICU and the nurse tells him what is happening. He gives her directions on what to do. The mother enters the NICU and Chase tells her she can not come in there. She asks Chase if her baby is dying? He tells Mrs. Hartig that the emergency is not about her baby, as the nurses leads her out of the room. House enters the NICU and the other parents come up to the NICU window to look in on what is happening. The baby’s heart stops and Chase goes to defrib it back. Nothing is working and House finally tells Chase to stop and then House calls time of death. Everyone is very upset over the baby’s death. House tells the team that the medicine this baby was on does not work and to put all the other babies on the other medicine. Chase says he will do it and House tells Cameron to inform the parents of their baby’s death and to tell them that their baby probably saved five other lives. Cameron does not want to do this but House insists. House tells Wilson to go with Cameron and to make sure she does her job. Wilson and Cameron go to tell the family, but Cameron is not able to tell them so Wilson does. Cameron and Wilson leave. The family is left to grieve.  

House is in the elevator with Wilson admonishing him for not following House’s order to let Cameron inform the family. Wilson tells House that Cameron froze up. House tells Wilson that Cameron felt sorry for the family and shut up, and that he felt sorry for Cameron so he opened his mouth. Wilson tells House that Cameron has a problem and House tells Wilson that Cameron needs to deal with it. If Wilson had not bailed her out she would have done it. Wilson says if she had she would not have slept for two weeks, and that maybe she should switch specialties, maybe research or lab work. Chase walks up to House and Wilson and tells them that the Hartig baby is getting sicker too and that the other medicine is not working either.  

Back in House’s office he is reviewing the new information with the team saying that neither antibiotic is working. Foreman suggests that maybe it is a superbug. Chase suggests it could be VRSA, but Cuddy says that VRSA is very rare. House then tells all of them that it is their fault. That doctors are over prescribing antibiotics. Then House suggests that maybe antibiotics had nothing to do with the babies getting sick. House tells them all to go home as there is nothing they can do here tonight.  

House is now alone doing an autopsy on the baby that died.  

The next morning House goes over the results of the autopsy with his team. House tells them they all missed that there were problems with the heart. That they missed this because they all believed it was an infection. House tells them that it is a virus attacking the heart. Foreman tells them they are screwed as they can not chase down all the possible causes for a virus. House asks Chase who is the expert on this, how many tests they can run on these babies before the babies run out of blood.  Chase asks House is he talking about vials or stick tests? Chase tells House maybe 5 or 6 but no more. House tells them that they have to narrow down thousands of viruses to 5 or 6. The autopsy tells them what they are looking for, now House asks them all for suggestions on what virus they should test for. The team, including Wilson and Cuddy start to give House possibilities on what the virus could be.

They arrive at 8 possibilities and Chase says 8 tests might be pushing it, but House reminds them that they love pushing things.  

House asks if any of the babies that did not get sick are still in the hospital and Cuddy says there is one. House says great as they can be the control baby. The team starts taking blood from the babies. House goes to the lab and asks Foreman what he had found. Foreman tells House that all the sick babies tested positive for Echovirus 11, plus two other viruses. Foreman informs House that the healthy baby also tests for these other viruses as well. House then realizes what they have in common is that they are all infants and have their mother’s antibodies. House tells Forman that the healthy babies survived because they had their mom’s antibodies, and now they have to test the mother’s for which virus they have had or haven not had.  

As the team is testing the mother’s blood, House crosses off his whiteboard what viruses it is not. He eventually circles Echo 11. Foreman and Cameron go back to the other parents and explain what Echo 11 is and why it is making their babies so sick. The parents now ask can they save their babies. Foreman explains there is no actual cure but they managed to get their hands on an experimental drug that has had positive results in the lab.

Cameron and Foreman are with the sick babies and Cameron says to Foremen that it must be tough not being able to touch your own baby. She then goes out of the room and ask the parents if they can help her with their baby, Maxine. The parents gown up and go in to help. Cameron looks on pleased she is able to help them be with their baby.  

House is getting on an elevator and calls Foreman over. Foreman starts to give House an update on the babies. House asks Foreman how Cameron is. Foreman is surprised that House is concerned with someone’s well being.

Foreman tells House that Cameron is handling things just fine.  

House goes into the clinic and is with the pregnant mom. He tells her that her husband is definitely the father of the baby. The woman is very relieved to hear that. She wants to know if House will do her prenatal or deliver her baby and House tells her no.  

Back in the NICU, Foreman and Chase are checking on the babies. Foreman tells Chase to come over and look at one of the babies. Chase goes to listen to the baby’s heart. Foreman and Chase then go out to see the Hartig family and to tell them it is great news, their baby is getting better. Chase and a nurse bring the baby into the mom’s room where she picks her up and is overjoyed.

Cameron is back at the office working when House enters. He tells Cameron she looks tired. He says it is no wonder as she has had a rough couple of days. She tells House he had a rough couple of days as well and he tells her not like her. He tells her that someone that awkward with death has either has had too little experience or to much and he doubts in her case it is too little. He tells her Chase told him about Cameron’s idea of the parents holding the baby. He asks where she came up with that. He asks Cameron did she lose someone, perhaps a baby? She looks at House and tells him he can be a real bastard. Cameron walks out and going down the stairs she sees the Hartig family leaving the hospital.  

Final Scene: House is sitting in the maternity ward watching everyone put all the babies back where they belong. Wilson walks up and asks House if he has unfinished business. House tells him he is still in the haystack looking for the needle. Wilson tells House it won’t make any difference if he tells House to let it go. House has to figure out who started this epidemic. House hears a woman coughing; she is a staff member that delivers the teddy bears to the newborn babies. She is the one who was sick and contaminated the bears which got the babies sick. The woman than looks at House and asks him can she help him? House is back in the maternity floor’s lounge watching his soap opera when two of the staff walk in and tell House he is not suppose to be there. He tells them he is performing a delivery, and they are confused. He tells them he took on a prenatal patient a few minutes ago. Of course he will need one of them to supervise. They ask House when is she due?  He tells them late March, five months from now. House answers thank god these chairs are conformable.

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