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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti

EPISODE 3 – “The Socratic Method”


Opening Scene: A woman (Lucy) is at a social service agency office with her teenage son Luke. Lucy is being interviewed but she is also hearing “voices” at the same time. Luke tries to reassure her, and the social service agent tells Luke she just has a few more questions to ask before she can authorize extending her disability benefits. Then Lucy looks at the Agent and says she does not like her because she is fat. Lucy groans and grabs her leg in pain. We see that she has a blood clot. Luke asks her if she is all right? The Agent and Luke continue discussing his mother’s medical case. Now we see a piece of the clot break off into Lucy’s blood stream. Luke lies to the Agent about being the dependent, and tells her the dependent is his little brother, and that he is 18 and just helping out. The Agent okays their extension and stamps the file. The Agent goes to get Lucy a glass of water and Luke tells Lucy to hold on, as he gives his Mom a sip of alcohol and tells her just to sign the documents when the Agent returns and they will leave. Lucy tells Luke about the “voices” and he tells her they are not real. Lucy then grabs her chest and collapses.

Lucy is rushed to the hospital. Luke is patiently waiting for the doctor. House is sitting in the background hiding behind a newspaper. The PA system announces that Dr. House is to answer Dr. Cuddy’s page which House ignores. Luke turns to House and asks him if this is a good hospital? House answers it depends what he means by “good”? House tells Luke he likes the chairs. Lucy’s doctor comes into the waiting room and tells Luke she is stable. He tells him she has a small pulmonary embolism. Luke question the doctor as he tells him the pain started in her leg. Luke continues to take notes and the doctor asks him where his father is as he needs to ask him some questions. Luke tells the doctor his dad is running late, then admits his dad is dead and just to talk to him. The doctor tells Luke his Mom had 0.2% alcohol level at 10:30 in the morning. Luke admits he gave some to help calm her down. The doctor insists that the alcohol is the reason for her clots and Luke disagrees with him. House finally speaks up and says of course it’s the alcohol. House then starts mocking the doctor to Luke. The doctor offers to happily refer the case to House.

Back at House’s office he begins to start the differential with his team. He tells the team a 38 year old woman with no past medical history suddenly develops a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). He asks the team for their ideas and they start to give them. The team is very curious why House is so interested in this case until they find out Lucy is a schizophrenic.

Wilson and House are discussing the Lucy’s case and Wilson tells House he is only interested in it because of the schizophrenia. House tells Wilson that schizophrenia is interesting as no one knows anything about it or how to correctly treat it. House tells Wilson he is off to personally see the patient.

House goes into Lucy’s room to talk to her. Luke goes to introduce her to House but House beats Luke to it. He asks Luke if he could speak to Lucy alone for awhile? House gives Luke money to get something down in the cafeteria for himself and for House. He then gives Luke his pager and tells him he will page Luke when he is finished.

House sits down next to Lucy and tells her she has a nice kid, then he asks her how much does she really drink? Foreman and Chase are standing outside of Lucy’s room. Foreman can not believe that House is actually talking to a patient. Chase tells Foreman that House likes crazy people, because of the way they think. Foreman answers they think badly. Chase replies that crazy people are not boring and that is what House likes.

Lucy tells House that no one believes her, and House tells Lucy he does.

Foreman meets Wilson out in the hallway and asks Wilson that he thought House liked rationality. Wilson says House likes puzzles.

The team and Wilson are waiting in the hallway to speak to House. House tells them that the last two months Lucy has not shaved her legs because of the tremors. Since the tremors are not new something else must have changed. House tells the team to start with some blood work. Luke returns with House’s sandwich and tells House it is cold, Cameron tells Luke if it is a Reuben that is the way House likes them. House and the team introduce themselves to each other. House tells Luke they need another ˝ hour with Lucy. He tells the team to take her off the psyche meds so they can see what is what. The team leaves and Cameron stays behind and she wishes House happy Birthday.

The team is back with Lucy trying to get blood but she is giving them a real hard time. Lucy continues fighting them and then spits on Foreman, he orders the nurse to give her Hadol to calm Lucy down and get the blood.

House is down at the clinic with a Mom and young daughter he tells them the good news it is not strep. The mother wants House to tell her daughter that she has to have a sugarless birthday cake next week at her party. House can not believe that is why they are here. House tells the mom that she wants a doctor to scare her daughter about the dangers of sugar. The mother is concerned about her daughter’s weight. House tells the girl (sarcastically) that he feels sorry for the other kids who don’t have such a caring mom like hers. He tells the mom he gets it that the mom wants her daughter to slim down so she can wear pretty clothes like hers. Maybe even mistake them for sisters.

House leaves the room and runs into Luke who tells House they drugged Lucy. House tells Luke he took Lucy off her meds and Luke tells House that Foreman drugged her. Luke tells House he hired him so he works for him. House starts to leave and Luke tells House that Lucy says the Haldol changes her.

Now we see Luke in Lucy’s room reading to her. Lucy starts coughing up blood. Luke starts screaming for help.

House is in his office questioning if the team did not understand his order of no psyche meds? Foreman argues the Haldol had nothing to do with the bleed. House is very angry at Foreman for using the Haldol to chemically restrain Lucy in order to get the blood. Chase walks in with the clotting studies praising Cameron for how fast she got the lab to do it. House and Foreman walk in and ask Cameron why did the patient bleed out? Cameron says the tests are all normal. House tells the team that he thinks Lucy has a vitamin K deficiency. House now has 3 theories from each team member and tells the team to go search Lucy’s house and run their tests.

Foreman and Chase go to the apartment. Chase goes to pull out a credit card to get in, but Foreman lifted the keys from Luke’s backpack. Foreman says the bathroom is clear, they discover Luke has labeled all the drawers and cabinets trying to control the uncontrollable. They discover she never took the antibiotics which rules out Cameron’s theory. Then they go look at the frig, and find nothing but boxes of frozen hamburgers proving House’s theory of vitamin K deficiency correct.

House is with Luke heating up one of the burgers and Luke tells House that is all Lucy will eat. House explains why Luke is right about them being nutritionally sound they lack vitamin K. All they have to do is load Lucy up on vitamin K and he can take her home in a few days. House sees Luke is upset about something and is worried Luke is going to open up to him. Luke feels guilty that he has not done a good job taking care of his Mom but House assures him that he has. Luke tells House that before his mom got sick he did not like how bossy she always was. House notices Luke hurt his wrist and tells him he should get it looked at.

Chase is telling Foreman he does not like the diagnosis being a vitamin K deficiency and Foreman tells Chase he usually likes when House is right. Chase still believes that alcohol is the reason for her problems and at the very least is not the way to “treat” her. Chase tells Foreman that he does understand what Luke is going through.

House is looking at an x-ray of “Luke’s” wrist. He tells him that it is not broken but the growth plate can tell someone who knows how to read the x-ray how old someone is. He tells Luke that he is not 18 but maybe almost 15 years old. Luke takes out his notebook and questions House if there is anything he needs to know or do after Lucy gets home. House brings up that Luke should be doing kid stuff and Luke tells House if he turns him into social services he will sue House.

Cameron and Chase are with Lucy doing an ultra sound. Chase confirms cirrhosis of the liver but then he and Cameron notice a possible tumor. Wilson is now reviewing the tests. Wilson tells House the tumor is the reason for the bleed and that the tumor is the problem. Wilson goes to tell Lucy she has cancer. Luke is very upset by the news.

The team is together discussing Lucy and that her tumor is 5.8 cm. Cameron says she needs a liver transplant and House says that it is never going to happen. House suggests surgery to remove part of the liver and Chase mentions a doctor who does that type of surgery, but Lucy’s tumor is too big and he won’t take the case. Houses ask would Dr. Bergin operate at 4.6? Wilson gives Lucy 95% ethanol to shrink the tumor so Dr. Bergin will do the surgery.

Doctor Cuddy and House run into each other at the clinic and spar with each other. House than leaves to go see a patient. Cuddy tells House the clinic can wait. He asks for how long? Cuddy tells House her doctors don’t keep secrets from her, House asks her who came running to “mommy”? She says it does not matter. The point is, she know exactly what he did. Both realize that neither of them knows what the other is talking about. House tells Cuddy that Cameron found out it is his birthday. Cuddy tells House she is reminding him of the 6 clinic hours he owes her this week. House leaves and Cuddy gets on the phone requesting the charts for all of Houses patients.

House is now with a clinic patient who is hiccupping. The patient tells House he has tried everything and House reads off a list of what he has tried. House asks the patient to demonstrate how he is hitting himself while Cuddy walks in amazed. She tells House she needs to speak to him outside. House is in the bathroom washing his face when Cuddy walks in. Cuddy brings up how House’s patient’s tumor mysteriously shrank. Cuddy knows how he shrank the tumor. She is angry that House used fraud to get the surgery.

Cameron walks into House’s office and ask if he really did not know. He plays along and tells her he should be angry. She asks did he really forget his birthday? House brushes the whole thing off and asks Cameron why she is there and she tells House she is waiting for the surgery. He tells her to go scrub in.

At the operating room they have just finished. Dr. Bergin is pissed off and tells Cameron House is lucky he continued with the operation after figuring out what House did.

Chase is in Lucy’s room explaining to Luke that the surgeon got it all out but she will have to have chemo. Chase tells Luke to stop writing and that everything will not fall apart if he stops. Chase tells Luke that his mom will have an occasional drink and that is okay and to chill out a bit. Suddenly Social Services come in and take Luke away. Luke tells them he does not need their help. Chase wants to know where they are taking him. Luke goes over to Lucy and tells her he loves her. Lucy wakes up and tells Luke she loves him too. Luke goes to leave crying, then runs into House whom he believes turned him in to social services. House tells Wilson he does not think Lucy is crazy.

House is now sitting with Lucy reading to her the same book Luke did. He snaps the book closed and Lucy wakes up. He tells Lucy he knows that she called Social Services on Luke. She says no it was not. House tells Lucy he understands why she did it that Luke needs someone to take care of him.

Wilson is with House telling him that schizophrenics can make some rational decision but House says not on big stuff liking calling social services. House tells Wilson that Lucy got passed from doctor to doctor each diagnosing schizophrenia even though Lucy tells them all the drugs do not work.

House is in his apartment playing the piano. He then starts playing the happy birthday song. House then starts reading Luke’s journal and then starts making calls. He then takes the journal and heads back to the hospital and meets with his team. He starts to explain his new theory. That Lucy went to 3 different types of doctors for a headache and each had their own conclusion and passed Lucy along to another doctor. Cameron asks if it could be Wilson’s Disease, where the body accumulates too much copper? House likes the idea even if it is very rare. House tells the team that Lucy made an appointment for an eye doctor but never kept it.

House and the team are in Lucy’s room and House wakes her up and tells her he does not think she is crazy. He helps her sit up so they can do an eye exam. Foreman starts the eye exam checking for sign s of copper build up. Foreman confirms the diagnosis and says they should start treatment.

Final Scene: Lucy is in her room remembering a line from a book and having her treatment. The room starts spinning and now we see Lucy sitting up, hair combed and reading the book herself. She seem to be fine now. Chase walks in and asks Lucy if she is ready to go home? Suddenly Luke is at the door. He walks over so they can hug. He asks how she is and she says good. She tells Luke he really needs a haircut. Chase then leaves. Luke is wheeling Lucy out to the elevator and runs into House. Lucy is happy to see House but Luke is still angry with him. Lucy tells House she left a message thanking him and he tells her he got it and she is welcome. Luke tells House he is never thanking House as he turned him in. House tells Luke he did not care how Luke was living he just wanted Luke out of his life, House is trying to cover for Lucy. Luke and Lucy leave and Wilson asks House if he is alright? Then Wilson ask House isn’t it his birthday now?

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Updated 1/4/12  


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