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House Episode Guide

Written by Patti


House and Foreman

Opening scene: A young man is on the phone calling someone and telling them he is feeling sick.  He is in bed with a young woman. She teases him about calling in sick and he tells her he really does have a cough. They start to fool around (have sex). They finish and the young man passes out. The girl thinks he is playing around with her. 

Brandon is now in the hospital with his girlfriend sitting next to him. House is walking with Wilson and House wants to know why Wilson wants House to treat him. Wilson tells House Brandon’s blood pressure is not responding to IV fluids. House decides to give in and takes the case.  

House is with his team going over the case notes and test results. The team starts giving House possible causes for Brandon’s symptoms. House tells them they have to start to get the blood pressure under control before “he starts circling the drain”. House tells the team what tests he wants them to run.  

House enters the clinic and Cuddy tells him he is a half-hour late. He tells her he has a busy caseload and Cuddy tells him one case is not a load. House enters the patient waiting room and introduces himself. He tells the waiting patients he is the only doctor on duty that is being forced there against his will. House goes to take a vicodin and tells them it is his and they can’t have any and perhaps he is too stoned to treat them. Then House asks the waiting patients who is ready to see him? All the waiting patients raise their hands that they are willing to wait to see another doctor. House tells the waiting patients he will be in exam room one if they change their mind. Cuddy announces a patient’s name and tells her to accompany House to the exam room.  

Brandon’s girlfriend approaches Dr. Chase in the corridor. She apologizes for being rude before and tells Chase that she and Brandon were having sex before he got sick. She is worried that whatever is wrong with Brandon she might have caused it.

House is in the exam room with the first clinic patient. She tells him what is wrong with her. She tells him her mucus was yellow but not anymore and hands House a color sample card to show him what it looked liked. She asks House should she be worried? He tells her “Yes” she should be very worried. The patient tells House he is not a very nice doctor. House tells her she is very bad at what she does. She says he does not even know her, and House tells her he knows she is going to be fired. He says she has new glasses and her teeth are sparkly white. That she is getting the most out of her health insurance while she still can. She tells House she might be quitting but House counters she would have known that last week and would have come into the clinic then. She tells House that she does not like being told what to do. He tells her he will get her in for a full body scan later this week and she thanks House.  

The team is in the lab going over the tests. Chase tells Foreman that the girlfriend thinks that her and Brandon’s rough sex might have caused his problems. Foreman asks Chase what did he tell her and Chase answers that a 22-year-old man doesn’t die from sex. Cameron asks Chase “What did you ask her”? Chase answers “What do you mean”? Cameron answers that maybe what they were doing during sex might be a clue. Foreman gets a printout and tells them they should stop the antibiotics. Brandon’s BP is falling fast, his lungs are filling with fluid, his creatin is rising, and his kidneys are shutting down. Their treatment is not making Brandon better it is killing him. 

Back at the team office House is going over the new test results and symptoms. The team is giving House all sorts of ideas and explanations. House tells them Cameron is right that no condition explains all of Brandon’s symptoms. Foreman says it is Occam’s Razor, that the simplest explanation is always the best. House still believes that two conditions are responsible for Brandon’s symptoms. House tells them to start treating Brandon as it is faster than running their tests.  

Cameron is with Brandon in his room discussing his case and what they are doing. All of a sudden Brandon’s parents arrive and they ask how Brandon is doing. Brandon then introduces his girlfriend, Mindy to his parents and tells them they are engaged.  

Cameron meets up with Foreman and Chase and they ask her if she told Brandon House’s theory? Chase asks if Brandon agreed to treatment? Foreman answers of course they did we are doctors and they will do whatever we tell them. Foreman asks them if they are House’s puppets and do whatever he says no matter how insane it is. Chase says there is nothing wrong with House thinking outside the box. Foreman answers that House has no idea where the box is. Foreman tells Chase and Cameron if they think House is right then go home and Brandon will get all-better. He however is going back to the lab to test for viral infections. Cameron reluctantly follows Foreman back to the lab and finally Chase goes as well. 

Back at the lab they start running more tests. Chase and Foreman discuss whether Cameron is hot. Foreman tells Chase that he should not even think about getting involved with Cameron. Chase tells Foreman that of course he thinks Cameron is hot, but he does not want to “jump her”.  

House is back in the clinic in an exam room with a patient and he is playing a video game.  The patient asks House what he is doing? House answers “level four”. House tells the patient he knows what he was asking. House answers “we’re waiting”. The patient tells House that his throat hurts, and in walks Cuddy and asks the patient how he is doing? House tells the patient she is here for the consult. Cuddy examines the patient’s throat and says to House “the patient has a sore throat”. House “apologizes” for pulling her out of Board Meeting, but the patient comes first, right? Cuddy tells the patient to go home and drink some hot tea.  

The team is still in the lab working on the test results. Foreman tells Cameron he is jealous of Chase, and Cameron asks why? Foreman tells Cameron that Chase has no romantic interest in her and he is completely professional with her but that Chase can not look at her without thinking about sex. Cameron tells Foreman that a woman can’t express her interest in sex without it being some professional power play? Foreman tells her “no”. House walks in the lab and agrees with Foreman and that Cameron must know the effect she has on men. She tells them both that men should grow up and House tells her that dogs should stop licking themselves. That this is not going to happen either. The team asks why House is in the lab and he tells them he was looking for them. That he knew they would be there trying to disprove his two-illness theory.  He leaves and tells them to find him when they finish their tests. 

Back at House’s office Foreman comes in and House asks him what did he find out? Foreman tells House Brandon has kidney failure. It means the antibiotics did not cause the kidney failure. Foreman asks House how he knew that. House tells Foreman that if he had not been so busy running tests he would have checked in on Brandon. Foreman is amazed that House went to see a patient. Wilson says that he (Wilson) looked in on Brandon and he was much better. House then says that the treatment must be working. Foreman leaves and Wilson tells House that his smugness is “such an attractive quality”.  

Foreman goes to see Brandon and his family.  He asks Brandon if he still has a cough? Brandon says yes, but he is feeling much better. Foreman tells the family he is ordering some tests, and there is nothing to worry about and leaves.  

House is back playing his video game while with a clinic patient. He tells the patient that it should be a half hour before Cuddy gets there and gives the patient the video game. Foreman enters the room and gives House some new information. Foreman tells House that Brandon is negative for hypodroidism. Foreman asks House what is wrong with this clinic patient and House tells him her leg hurts after running six miles. Foreman continues to tell House that just because Brandon is getting better does not mean that House’s theory is right, that it is not two illnesses. House offers to bet Foreman on what is wrong with Brandon. House tells Foreman to check Brandon’s white cell count and if it is way up than he is fighting a virus just like Foreman thinks. Wilson then shows up in the exam room saying Cuddy sent him there because House needed a consult.  

Chase and Cameron are back at the office. Chase is so preoccupied looking at Cameron that he spills the coffee he is pouring into their cups. Cameron apologizes to Chase for making a joke about sex, as she is really uncomfortable about sex. She tells Chase that sex could kill you, and describes what the human body goes through during sex. Foreman and House enter the room and House says to Foreman that the white-cell count is not up. Foreman tells House that they were both wrong about the case. That Brandon’s immune system is shot and they need to get him to a clean room right away.  

The Chase is gowning up to get Brandon set up in the clean room. Foreman, Cameron and Brandon’s family are waiting outside the clean room. They explain to the family that Brandon’s immune system is shutting down and he can not fight off infections and if he gets sick he will die.  

Foreman is now in the clean room injecting a needle into Brandon’s hipbone to take some of the marrow. Foreman tells Brandon to take a deep breath as this is going to hurt a lot. After extracting the marrow they will look at it under a microscope and try to find out what is causing his immune system to shut down. Brandon asks Foreman what happens if they don’t find an answer?  

House is in Cuddy’s office discussing a patient. He tells Cuddy he is entitled to a consult and she tells House he is not getting out of clinic duty. House tells Cuddy that she has so many doctors that can work in the clinic that she does not need him and she tells House that working with people makes him a better doctor. Cuddy tells House that this is a game. That she makes him miserable, and he makes her miserable. However, she has an advantage, he is already miserable. Wilson runs into House and Cuddy leaving her office and wonders what is going on between them? House goes to the pharmacy and orders 36 vicodin. The pharmacist asks who the prescribing doctor is and House says it is Dr. Wilson. House picks up a bottle and goes to leave when Wilson points out House took the wrong bottle. House asks Wilson what Brandon’s first symptom was? Wilson tells House Brandon’s first symptom was a cough.  

House is back in his office all alone sitting and thinking. He is reviewing the whole case. Chase looks in on House wondering what he is doing. We see Brandon in the clean room continuing to cough. His breathing is erratic.  

House walks in the office where he finds his team doing other work. House says to them “gout”. Chase asks if they are talking about Brandon? Foreman asks are they really talking about gout? Foreman says that Brandon has none of the symptoms of gout and House says that is because Brandon does not have gout. House then goes on to explain his new theory. That Brandon got sick originally because the doctor he went to for his cough wrote him a prescription and the pharmacy screwed up. The pharmacist gave Brandon gout medicine instead of cough medicine, which caused all his symptoms. It did everything but cure the one thing Brandon had which was a cough. Therefore, “occam’s razor”, the simplest explanation is probably the right one. Cameron points out that once he was admitted to the hospital, they were in control of his medicine so he would either deteriorate or he would have got better. However, he got better and then he got worse. House counters that two people screwed up. House and the team go to meet with Brandon’s family. House introduces himself and the father asks House how he can treat someone without meeting them?  House answers that it is easy if you don’t give a crap about them. That emotion makes you act irrationally. That it is the family’s job to hold their son’s hand and for House to treat him. House wants to know which one of them stepped over the line? Who gave Brandon his cough medicine? The mother admits she gave him the medicine.  

The team gets the empty bottle from the mother and goes to the pharmacy where Brandon got the pills. Chase asks the pharmacists that they need to know exactly what they put in this bottle.  They think it was gout medicine.  

Wilson and House are in his office discussing how House could have been wrong about the medicine being switched. They sit and discuss what other reasons for Brandon being sick. Wilson wants to do exploratory surgery but House says that it will kill him. Wilson asks House does he still want to stick to the wrong pill theory? House then agrees to schedule the surgery.  

The team begins the procedure on Brandon while the family watches outside the clean room. The monitor starts beeping and Brandon’s blood pressure begins to drop. Chase goes to use the defribulator on Brandon’s heart. Brandon is okay but they can not continue the surgery.  

House is now back in the clinic with another patient. House tells the patient that he gets to leave early today because he kissed his boss’s ass. That his boss wants to reinforce that behavior so House will kiss other people’s asses. He asks the patient would he want a doctor who holds your hand while you die or a doctor who ignores you while you get better?  

House checks out of the clinic and runs into Cameron who informs house that Brandon is not ready for surgery. Cameron tells House what happened during surgery including that Brandon had pain in his fingers. House finds this bit of news interesting. House and the team head back to the clean room. House enters the clean room unprotected, which Chase questions. House now starts to explain his new theory on what is wrong with Brandon. He continues to tell them that the gout medicine is responsible as it effects the organs in a specific order. After the hands started tingling the next symptom, which House demonstrates is hair loss. House tells them Brandon has been using drugs and Brandon admits to using ecstasy. House asks Brandon if he knows what they cut the drug with? They cut it with gout medicine. House tells the team what treatment to start and leaves the room.  

As the team explains to Brandon the treatment and start it, he asks them when will they know if it is working. Cameron takes off her mask and says it is working. The family is very happy, and the mother and girlfriend hug. 

House is in the pharmacy going through the medicine. Wilson wonders what House is doing. House is checking all the medicine for something that is marked wrong. 

Cameron and Chase are with Brandon and his family while they discuss their upcoming wedding. Brandon starts to cough and asks if he can take his cough medicine now? Cameron says it should be all right. He wants to know if they invite House to the wedding will he come, and Chase says no but he will send a gift. Brandon looks at his pills and says there is a letter on the back of them. Cameron asks Brandon did his old pills have a letter on them? Brandon says they were round and yellow but no letter.  

Final scene: House is sitting on the floor of the hospital pharmacy going through all the medication. He finds two sets of yellow pills.

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Updated 11/17/11  


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