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"Hollywood Heights" Episode 101

"Meeting a Rock Star" Aired week of June 10 and also airs June 18, 2012

Written by Suzanne

Loren, in her dream, lookin' prettyRock star Eddie Duran finishes his show, to great applause. He gets offstage and chats with his girlfriend, Loren, who's been waiting. They are about to kiss when she wakes up because of her alarm. Loren looks up at his poster on the wall and makes a comment. Her mom, Nora, comes in to make sure she wakes up for school. They joke about taking the day off. Loren is looking forward to Eddie's big concert tonight.

Eddie flies on his private jet with his girlfriend, Chloe, and manager/friend Jake. He flirts with the flight attendant, so Chloe jokingly gives him a hard time.

Loren drives to school, radio blasting; she lives in Hollywood.

Another girl, Melissa, gets ready for school. Her mom, Lisa, who didn't sleep well due to a bad back, gives her a hard time about what she's wearing, which is very bright red with polka dots. Lisa thinks it makes her look desperate for attention. Melissa is tired of having the same argument every morning. She gets a text from Loren and tells Lisa that she has to go to school. Lisa says that Loren shouldn't be texting while driving. Melissa reminds her sarcastically that Loren probably stopped at a light to do it because she is the quiet, responsible one, while she, Melissa is the crazy one. Lisa ignores the sarcasm and tells her that she has to come straight home to do chores. Melissa says she won't be able to stay long because she and Loren have a super-important project to do. When Lisa asks about it, Melissa rushes out, saying she can't talk now. Lisa sighs.

Melissa gets into Loren's car and they greet each other. Loren is already very excited about the concert and doesn't know how she will get through the day. Melissa complains about her mom and they joke around. Loren has trouble starting her car at first, but then she gets it going. They worry about the car breaking down before they get to the concert. As they rush into the school, late, they talk about what other transportation options they have.

Eddie's plane lands. He's very excited about ending his tour in L.A. Jake tells him that the fans are already lining up outside the door. Eddie is looking forward to some rest after this last show. They discuss it. Jake thinks he should keep going on the momentum and make another album, but Eddie is very tired and needs the break. However, he is ready for tonight's show. Chloe gets a text. She is a model and doing a photo shoot, which just got moved to 5 am. Also, she has to go now to get fitted for the clothes. Eddie is disappointed that she won't make the concert. He knows that this is important for her career, but he plays better when she's there. She promises to do whatever she can to try to make it in time for the concert.

A bunch of screaming girls with signs greet them as they get off the plane. Eddie figures out that Jake leaked his arrival to the press, but they just chuckle about it. Eddie signs autographs as Chloe stands next to him protectively. A photographer asks Eddie if they have set a wedding date yet, but Eddie makes a joke back at him about it. Jake, Eddie, and Chloe go to their car. Eddie wonders how the reporters come up with these ideas. Chloe laughs and suggests they tell them that it's true, just to get her reaction. Eddie says yeah but keeps walking to the car, not taking her suggestion.

In between classes, Loren asks Melissa about the tickets for the concert, but she doesn't have them yet. Melissa tells her not to worry, but she does anyway. She is babbling on at Melissa with worry when Melissa shows her that she did get the tickets. Loren hugs her excitedly and tells her that she loves her. Melissa records Loren through-out the whole event, but Loren doesn't seem to notice. After school, they make plans to meet later before the concert. They run into Phil, Melissa's brother. Phil and Melissa exchange insults.

Phil goes to see his girlfriend, Adriana, who is surprised to see him because she thought he had detention. He tells her proudly that he talked his way out of it again. She seems a little ditzy-- not too bright. She is disappointed that her dad couldn't get her tickets to the Eddie Duran concert. Phil shows her that got her tickets, so she hugs him, excited, and calls him the boyfriend of the year.

Loren and Nora sit on her bed, while Nora folds laundry. Nora wonders why there are no seat numbers on her tickets. Loren informs her that they are general admission tickets for this special concert. Loren and Melissa will be right up front. Nora warns her to be careful because it can be rough up there. Loren babbles on about the concert and what songs she hopes he plays. Nora admires how she saved up to get the tickets. She reminisces about seeing Eddie's parents, Max and Katie, play, back when she was a teen. It's clear that Loren has heard the story many times. Nora talks about how great they were. Loren states that while she can see where Eddie gets his good looks, she thinks that he has gone way past his parents musically. Nora vehemently disagrees, but they decide that this must be one of those generational divides they've heard so much about. Nora wishes that she could hear the songs that Loren writes. Loren tells her that she is still learning how to write, and they are works in progress. They joke for a moment about Loren's crush on Eddie. Loren wishes Nora could go to the concert, but she has other plans. Loren is shocked that she has a date and wants details, but Nora has to go get ready.

Phil helps his mom, Lisa, with groceries in order to butter her up, and then he asks her for her car so that he canLisa, Melissa's bitchy mom study with his girlfriend, so she gives him the keys. Melissa comes in just then and reminds Lisa that she was supposed to use her car to do her art project with Loren. Lisa points out that she has her own car, but Melissa thinks there is something wrong with the brakes. Lisa doesn't know why they can't do their art project online, so Melissa tells her that they are supposed to go around the city taking photographs. Phil smiles, knowing that she is lying, just as he was about studying. He gives Lisa a big kiss, saying she's the best, and grinning at Melissa. Lisa admonishes Melissa for not doing her work on the weekend. Melissa argues with Lisa about how she lets Phil do whatever he wants, even though he flunked and is still in school at 19. Melissa's dad, Gis, arrives, so they greet him, but then they go back to arguing about Melissa using the car. Gus tells Melissa that she can use his car, but she has to be back by 11. Lisa says 10:00. Melissa hugs her dad and tells him that he rocks. Melissa also asks him for $20 for "art supplies".

Tyler, an actor, walks into his home, on the phone. He is telling his agent to get him some auditions because he has to work. Loud rock music blasts in the background. He takes some orange juice out of the fridge, smells it, then pours a small bottle of vodka in it. He takes the carton of OJ over to the couch, sits down, and drinks from it as he watches TV. The TV announcer talks about Eddie Duran's concert tonight. Tyler scoffs. The announcer then says the concert has been sold out for months. Tyler turns off the TV and says, "Too bad he sucks" as he drinks more of his screwdriver.

Loren works on a song in her bedroom. Melissa arrives, complaining again about her mother. Melissa wonders why Loren has never let her hear her sing. Loren says she really doesn't like to do that in front of other people. Melissa offers to be honest with her about it. They keep discussing it. Loren has no confidence in her singing. She just plans to go to college and find something that will make money. When she sings a short phrase in jest, Melissa's mouth falls open. She assures Loren that she can sing and that it gave her chills to hear that. Melissa urges her to use her gift to become a star, like Eddie. Loren looks up at his poster thoughtfully.

Eddie, Jake, and Chloe are in their limo. Jake phones his wife, Traci, and leaves a message for her. Eddie and Chloe think that Jake should go home to Traci, but he wants to be there for Eddie's last show. He points out that Traci is the one that encouraged him to open up his own management company. Chloe doesn't think that Traci knew he would be away so long. Jake tells them that she works long hours on her graphic design business, too, so she understands it. Chloe makes a joke about Jake and Eddie being a couple and suggests that Eddie marry Jake. Eddie looks surprised, not sure how to answer her hints about getting married. Jake worries that they will be late, but Eddie insists that they drop Chloe off so they can spend as much time together as possible. Eddie and Chloe kiss. They drop Chloe off after some more kissing.

Traci, who is on the phone to her boss, who is pressuring her, gets the message from Jake. She is busy, having just gotten home from work and having a lot of work to do. She tries to phone Jake back but gets his voice mail. She leaves him a message.

Melissa looks through Loren's closet to find her something cool to wear for the concert. Nora walks in, all dressed up, so they admire what she's wearing and make comments about her dating. Melissa makes slightly-inappropriate jokes about the guy Nora is dating, embarrassing Loren. Nora reveals that he met the guy in yoga class, and he has a cute smile. After some more joking, Nora leaves to finish getting ready for her date. Melissa and Loren talk about what it will be like after they leave for college. Melissa says mean things about her mom again, so Loren suggests that maybe her mom would be more lenient if she weren't always lying to her and sneaking around. She also suggests that Melissa stand up to her mom, since she's 18. Melissa says that she will...tomorrow (after the concert).

Lisa talks to Gus about why she's so worried about Melissa (they just hint about it - they don't tell us). Gus assures her that teenagers have secret lives, and they should just give Melissa the benefit of the doubt. Later, Gus finds Lisa going through Melissa's things. She just wants to make sure that she isn't hiding anything. Gus tells her that he knows Melissa, who is an open book and can't keep a secret. Lisa worries that she is drinking or doing drugs, and she thinks that Gus is wrapped around Melissa's little finger. He wishes that she would be less paranoid. Lisa looks on Melissa's computer. Later, they both talk about how they've become like their parents, even though they said they wouldn't. Lisa's mom was way more suspicious of her than she is of Melissa, and Gus's father worked long hours.

Adriana and her very sexy dad, DonAdriana gets ready to go to the concert. Her dad, Don, wants to know where she's going, and with whom. She tells him about the concert but lies that she is going with two girlfriends. He wants her home by ten. She tells him that the concert starts at 8 and it's way out in Hollywood, so he insists on eleven, since it's a school night. She agrees and asks for money for souvenirs. He gives it to her money and warns her not to bring anyone home after the concert because he'll be home and needs to get up early tomorrow for work. She makes a joke about Phil climbing into her bedroom window again, but he is not amused. He warns her not to test him. Phil arrives and honks his horn, so Don knows that he lied to her. She admits that she did lie, but she just didn't want to upset him. Don is annoyed that Phil won't come in and talk to him. Adriana says that he scares Phil. Don thinks that she should be scared of Phil, but she scoffs at the idea. She says that Phil is like a sweet little puppy dog. Don doesn't trust Phil, but she knows that he's not supposed to, since he's her dad. He yells as she walks away that he's not happy about it. She gets into Phil's car and kisses him. Phil is surprised that she kissed him and that her dad knows she is going with him. He tells her that she looks hot, to which she replies, "I know". She is excited about seeing Eddie in concert. Phil is not too enthusiastic, but she assures him that he'll have a "much funner" time than he thinks he will. He agrees, teasing her about "funner", and saying that he'll just stare at her legs if he gets bored.

Chloe is shocked when she opens her door and finds that Tyler is there waiting for her. He says, "Hey, baby. Welcome home". She tells him to leave. He thinks she should be nicer to someone that she hasn't seen in 3 months. She can tell from the way he talks that he got fired from his movie shoot. He admits that the director lacked vision, so he left. She can't believe that he passed up a good role, and the money. He tells her that unlike her, he's not just in it for the money. She tells him that she doesn't have time because she has to get ready. He tells her that he sent her the text about her photo shoot being changed. She sighs and says that now she can go to Eddie's concert. He thinks she's joking, but she tells him that things are serious now with Eddie. He points out that she is Chloe Carter and doesn't get serious with anyone. She just replies that she's going. He tells her that he was hoping for a warmer homecoming. She tells him that she'll call him tomorrow but asks him for her spare key back. He gives it to her but then pulls her close to him. He says that she doesn't have to be like this; it's just the two of them and she can be herself. He kisses her, and after a moment, she gives in.

Melissa and Loren go to the concert. Loren is wearing heels that Melissa convinced her to wear. Melissa is filming everything with her phone. They joke around. When they get up to where their tickets are to be taken, the guy scans them and says they're not registering. Loren and Melissa are stunned and disappointed that they got scammed with fake tickets. Melissa beats herself up for trusting Phil, who sold her the tickets. She sees Phil and goes over to yell at him. Phil and Adriana keep walking in line and tell Melissa to go away. Their tickets scan in just fine. They go in. Melissa storms off, with Loren in tow, vowing to get in somehow. They go to a back door, where a bunch of girls are trying to get in to see Eddie. Melissa thinks they should climb the fire escape to a second floor window, but Loren thinks it's too dangerous. Melissa insists on doing it, so Loren boosts her up. Just then, a crowd of people come toward them, so Melissa gets down because she is worried they are going to get in trouble. However, it's Jake, Eddie, and a bunch of screaming girls. Loren is face-to-face with Eddie, and she smiles, but then the stage door opens and he goes inside. Loren and Melissa are left outside with the rest of the girls.

Jake stops Eddie and thanks him for "crushing it" night after night on the tour and says that he handled it all like a pro. Eddie tells him that he knows Jake has his back. Jake thinks that this is just the beginning. He gives Eddie a pep talk. Eddie thanks him and says he's the best. They hug.

Melissa and Loren go back to trying to get up the fire escape. Jake comes out, on the phone, and sees them, soJake, who is oh-so-fine, lets Loren and Melissa into the concert they freeze. He wishes them luck if they are trying to get in. They lie that Melissa has to use the bathroom. He reminds them that the show is sold out. Loren tells Jake what happened to them. He doesn't seem to care until Loren recognizes him from TV and pours her heart out about how much Eddie's music means to her. He thaws and tells them to come inside, and he will get them some wrist bands. Loren and Melissa jump for joy as they follow him inside.

Eddie's dad, Max, visits him in his dressing room before the show. They hug. Max observes that Eddie looks tired, so Eddie tells him that it's just all the traveling. Max teases Eddie about the gourmet restaurants and 5-star hotels. Eddie doesn't know how his parents did all that traveling for so long. Max says simply that they had each other. Eddie mentions Chloe, so Max wonders if they are getting serious. Eddie tells him that he just enjoys having her around - someone real that he can connect with during all the craziness. Max leaves so that Eddie can prepare for his show. Outside, Max listens to the crazy applause. He looks at a photo of him, his wife, and Eddie, in his wallet.

Max flashes back to being in the car with his wife. They are driving back from a movie that Eddie is in. Max can't believe he's such a good actor. He knows that Eddie will be a big star, especially after his first album comes out. He is a little worried about what happens after that (the fame). His wife is very happy about Eddie's success, and he agrees that he is, too, and so proud of him. Then a car hits them head on. Back to the present, Max looks glum. He closes his wallet.

Eddie holds Loren's hand as he sings!Nora's date calls to cancel. He is clearly not interested. She hangs up, sighing disappointedly.

Loren and Melissa push their way to the front of the stage. Melissa starts filming again with their camera.

Before he goes on stage, Eddie sighs, preparing himself. He looks up and says, "For you, Mother. Always". He asks if Chloe is there yet, but he's told that she's not. Eddie sings his first song "Something in the Air". Loren and Melissa have a great time watching him, and dancing around. He seems to be singing just to Loren. Loren reaches out his hand, and he holds it while he sings.

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Page updated 6/22/12

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