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Quotes From Episode 11: Fallout 

Peter: You're okay.
Claire: Thanks to you.
Mr. Bennet: Mr. Petrelli, I'm Claire's father.
Peter: Hi.
Mr. Bennet: You saved my little girl. I owe you my life.
Peter: I was just in the right place.
Mr. Bennet: Maybe one day I'll be in the right place and can return the favor. (Peter coughs) Are you feeling all right?
Peter: Yeah. Fine.
Claire: Hey, Dad, can you wait outside?
Mr. Bennet: Of course. (Mr. Bennet leaves the cell)
Claire: How long have you known?
Peter: Known what?
Claire: That you're like me. You would have died if you couldn't...
Peter: Wait, do you... Do you heal? Is that it?
(Claire nods)
Claire: All this time, I thought it was just me. Now there’s you. Is that why you came for me? Is that why you... asked if I was the one?
Peter: No, I just- I-I knew I had to save you.
Claire: Why?
Peter: To save the world.
Claire: What do I have to do with the world?
Peter: I don't know. Yet. I do know that I don't think I would be here if it wasn't for you. I-I think I died.
Claire: I've died before. It's no big deal. (laughs)
Peter: I'm not like you, Claire. I-
(Mr. Bennet knocks on the glass. Claire holds up her forefinger. Mr. Bennet turns away)
Peter: This uh... This healing thing is kind of new for me.
Claire: Wait, you didn't know you were gonna heal when you dove off the building?
Peter: No. (laughs and then coughs) That's kinda stupid, huh?
Peter: No, it's not.
(Mr. Bennet knocks again, Claire nods at him and walks to the cell door)
Claire: You're totally my hero.


Hiro: I couldn't save Charlie. And now the Cheerleader is dead too.
Ando: "The earth is doomed?"
Hiro: "Save the Cheerleader, save the world." We failed to save her, so now we can't save the world.
Ando: No, no. "Save the cheerleader." Then "Save the world."
Hiro: No, it's an "if, then" statement.
Ando: How do you know?
Hiro: I was the one who said it!
Ando: Future you doesn't count as you!
Hiro: Never mind. Two people died. If we don't continue they died for nothing. We will find a way. We must.
Ando: How?
Hiro: Get back on mission. Find Peter Petrelli. Find the artist. Stop the bomb. Destiny hasn't forgotten us.
(cell phone rings and Hiro answers it)
Hiro: Hello?
Isaac: Hiro? Hiro Nakamura?
Hiro: Yes?
Isaac: This is Isaac Mendez.
Hiro: Mr. Isaac?!
Isaac: Hiro...we need to meet.
Ando: Who is it?
Hiro: Destiny!
Ando: I wish Destiny would lose our number.


Peter: Yeah, I thought I'd be the hero.
Nathan: Yeah. How'd that work out for ya?
Peter: Save the cheerleader, save the world.
Nathan: You're meant to do a lot of things, Peter. Saving the world isn't one of them. You gotta learn to recognize when life is bigger than you are. You're not a fighter but that's okay, the world needs nurses, too.

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