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American Gothic Trivia

"American Gothic" Trivia

by Kerry

American Gothic wasn't actually filmed in Trinity, SC; it was filmed in Wilmington, NC (Home of Dawson's Creek)

In the original pilot script, when Lucas first sees Gail, there was a flashback scene showing a painting of Lucas and Gail in 1800's style clothing, suggesting they were married in a past life and Lucas originally believed Gail has come back to seek revenge on him, but it was cut from the pilot at the last minute.

Paige Turco, who played Gail Emory, and John Mese, who played Doctor Billy Peele, became romantically involved during the show and shortly after the series ended, they got engaged and went on to star with each other in several movies.

Paige and John ended their engagement in 2001.

Paige Turco was a regular on another of Shaun Cassidy's shows on CBS called "The Agency" before it got cancelled in 2002.  She met her husband, Jason O'Mara, on The Agency, and the couple now have a son together.

Ben Healy was originally meant to be killed after a few episodes, but Nick Searcy did such a great portrayal of the character that the writers decided to keep him in the show.

Gary Cole and Brenda Bakke suggested that Lucas and Selena should really be brother and sister with a relationship, but Shaun Cassidy thought the idea was too disturbing.

Paige Turco felt intimidated acting next to Gary Cole, as she believed him to be such a brilliant actor.

The other candidate in line to be Sheriff Buck was William Sadler (Roswell High, The Shawshank Redemption)

In Dead To The World, in the scene were Lucas kisses Gail for the first time, Paige Turco was covered in cold sores, but the make up artist worked wonders so the cold sores weren't visible.

In Potato Boy, we find out Selena had done something unforgivable by her Reverend father, but weren't told what it was; neither was Brenda Bakke; so she made it up for herself--she imagined Selena had killed her mother.

Brenda Bakke and John Mese didn't get on off-camera; Brenda described John as too serious and boring.

Paige Turco's Valentines specialty is Red Velvet Pie; she got the recipe from Lucas Black's mother.

In the episode The Beast Within, at the end when Ben and Lucas are talking in the hospital, the background wall has a painting copying 'American Gothic' by Grant Wood.

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