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Ghost Whisperer Appearances

Find where the Ghost Whisperer stars are appearing here!

Jennifer Love Hewitt appears on "Conan" 6/6 on TBS.

Jennifer Love Hewitt  stars in Lifetime's hot new series, The Client List Sundays at 10/9c! Official Site

David Conrad guest-stars on "The Firm" 5/26 on NBC.

Ignacio Serricchio guest-stars on a re-run of "The Finder" 5/26 on FOX.

Yahoo! Here are new episodes from Yahoo! Screens' original slate of online programming premiering this week. Viewers can tune in to see Jennifer Love Hewitt surprise unsuspecting fans, Morgan Spurlock's "Failure Club" works to inspire an unemployed mother follow her dream of opening her own business and tips from Judy Greer on ordering healthy when eating out.
"Your Friends Will Never Believe You" with Ryan Rottman
Episode 105: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Two friends go in to get their pictures taken one at a time for a free celebrity souvenir picture, posing with only a white wall. While one friend is in the waiting room, her friend gets a surprise visit in her photo from Jennifer Love Hewitt. But when the pictures come out, her friend does not believe that it is actually Jennifer Love Hewitt! View episode here:

Jay Mohr stars in the new show Master Debaters on Fuel TV. More info

Jay Mohr has a recurring role on "Suburgatory" on ABC.

Christoph Sanders (Ned) stars in Last Man Standing on ABC.

Aisha Tyler (Andrea) stars in "Archer" on FX.

David Conrad (Jim) has a new movie "Think of Me".

Jamie Kennedy (Eli) does many voices on "The Cleveland Show" every Sunday night on FOX, and on the show "Fanboy and Chum Chum". He also has many new movies coming out.

Jay Mohr (Rick) is still busy doing stand-up comedy (check out his website) and making hilarious jokes on Twitter!

This month's TV appearances:
Jennifer Love Hewitt
David Conrad
Jay Mohr
Camryn Manheim
Aisha Tyler

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Updated 6/6/12 


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