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Doctor Who Appearances


  • Mekhi Phifer (Rex, Torchwood) guest-stars on "White Collar" this season on USA Network.

  • Co-executive producer Jane Espenson, John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen)  and many other actors will be at DragonCon in Atlanta August 31-Sept. 3 More info at

  • Sophie Aldred (Ace) appears at Convergence Con July 5-8 in Bloomington, MN. More info at

  • Alex Kingston appears at Florida Supercon June 29-July 2 in Miami. More info at

  • Dr. Who and Torchwood actors John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Freema Agyeman (Martha), Burn Gorman (Owen), Eve Myles (Gwen), Naoko Mori (Toshiko), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto), Tom Price (PC Andy), Kai Owen (Rhys), Indira Varma (Suzie), Lachlan Nieboer (Gray), Noel Clarke (Mickey), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar), Colin Baker (6th Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Terry Molloy (Davros), Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor), Paul McGann (8th Doctor), Eric Roberts (Master), Eliza Roberts (Miranda) Daphne Ashbrook (Doctor Grace), Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee), Sinead Keenan, Janet Fielding (Tegan), John Leeson (K-9), John Levene (Benton), Deborah Watling (Victoria), Peter Purves (Steven), Danny Webb (Morse), Jennie Linden (Barbara), Peter Roy, Kaye Power McGowan, writers Nev Fountain and David J. Howe, Nick Briggs and Lisa Bowerman (Karra) will be appearing at The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, along with many other actors, May 12-13 in England More Info

  • Freema Agyeman (Alesha) will be starring in the new show "The Carrie Diaries" on The CW ni the Fall.

  • Catherine Tate (Donna) has joined the cast of "The Office" on NBC.

  • The TNT Mystery Movie Night is a new showcase of contemporary procedural dramas set to launch Tuesday, Nov. 29, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT). The showcase will kick off with Scott Turow’s Innocent, starring Bill Pullman (Oswald Danes, Torchwood).

  • Why 'Doctor Who' Vet David Tennant Signed Up for 'United'

  • Timothy Dalton (Lord President Rassilon) has a recurring role on "Chuck" on NBC Mondays.

  • Alex Kingston (River Song) has a recurring role on "Private Practice" on ABC.

  • David Tennant (The Doctor, 2005-2010) stars in the movie "Fright Night", out August 19. He's also rumored to be in The Hobbit: Part 1 and has two other movies coming out this year. He also narrates the comedy series Twenty Twelve.
  • Billie Piper (Rose) stars in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
  • Paul Kasey (Ood Sigma) plays the werewolf in "Being Human".
  • Catherine Tate (Donna) appears in the movie Monte Carlo  out this year.
  • Noel Clarke (Mickey) has two movies coming out in 2011.
  • Christopher Eccleston (The Doctor, 2005) stars in a TV series The Shadow Line.
  • On May 4th, the BBC America is releasing Hamlet on Blu-ray and DVD!
    David Tennant and Patrick Stewart star in this critically acclaimed production of Shakespeare's masterpiece from Britain's renowned Royal Shakespeare Company. No recent stage production in Britain has attracted the excitement and nearly unanimous critical praise as this Hamlet. Tennant's interpretation was recognized as defining the role for a generation, and Stewart's complex Claudius won the Olivier award, Britain's highest stage honor. In this specially-shot screen version, filmed on location rather than in the theater, Tennant and Stewart reprise their roles. Dynamic, exciting and contemporary, it breathes new life into Shakespeare's greatest play.
    Featured Actors: David Tennant (Doctor Who), Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Oliver Ford Davis (Waking the Deadi), Penny Downie, Mariah Gale
    DVD/Production Highlights: This title will have additional awareness as it premieres April 28, 2010 on PBS's Great Performances Stars David Tennant (Doctor Who) as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Claudius Based on the critically acclaimed Royal Shakespeare stage production Critics Praise include: "without a doubt, one of the finest productions of Hamlet I have ever seen, led by an actor of extraordinary courage and charisma." - Daily Telegraph and "the finest TV production of Shakespeare... intense and frightening as any modern psychological thriller" Daily Mail OUR REVIEW!

  • Former Doctor Who star David Tennant, and Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in last year's Star Trek, have both joined the cast of Fright Night. The film is a remake of the 1985 film with the same name, about a teenager who discovers his neighbor is a vampire.
    Yelchin will play the teenager, while Tennant takes on the role of a magician who claims to be an expert on vampires, a role originally played by Roddy McDowell. Collin Farrell and Toni Collette have also been cast in the film.
    The BBC has a few more details on the Fright Night remake here:
  • Freema Agyeman (ex-Martha) stars in "Law & Order: UK" on BBC America.

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