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Dexter News Page

What's Going On

  • We have pictures from SHOWTIME TCA 2012 Panels!
    Executive Panel, Weeds Panel, Dexter Panel and Homeland Panel
  • Dexter is nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama. The show airs Jan. 11, 2012 on CBS.
  • Interview with Julie Benz
  • Hot Baddies: Dexter’s Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos were chosen for The 2011 TV Guide Magazine Hot List in this week's issue!
  • Tonight's "Simpsons" 10/30 has a great "Dexter" spoof.
  • Go to and like it, then vote for Dexter to be on the cover before October 31!
  • Julia Stiles (Lumen) is nominated for Guest Actress in a Drama Series. Vote in this poll! Michael C. Hall (Dexter) is nominated for Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Vote in this poll! The show is also nominated for Outstanding Drama!
  • First look 'Dexter' season 6 poster: Red blood gives him wings!
  •  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (8/12/11) - Julia Stiles shared some thoughts on her role in Dexter while Jenni 'JWoww' Farley gave Jimmy the Jersey Shore scoop. Then, then Jimmy and JWoww took on Julia and Tariq in a intense game of Charades! Don't miss the fun and watch the full episode: VIDEO 
    Julia Stiles talks about her trip to Cuba and working on the critically acclaimed show, "Dexter." VIDEO
    Charades with Julia Stiles and JWoww, Part 1 - Jimmy pairs up with JWoww and they take on Julia Styles and Tariq in a game of charades. Part 1 of 2. VIDEO 
    Charades with Julia Stiles and JWoww, Part 2 - Jimmy pairs up with JWoww and they take on Julia Styles and Tariq in a game of charades. Part 2 of 2.
  • from Dexter Gets New Showrunner
    Chip Johannessen is out and Scott Buck is in. Buck will serve as the Showrunner for the upcoming season of Dexter. He previously served as the executive producer on the show and is highly regarded in the industry. As an executive producer he lead last season to be the most popular season of Dexter yet as each episode averaged more than 5 million viewers while landing several prestigious award nominations. Buck announced that all of the writers will be back for the upcoming season. Previously Buck worked as the writer/producer for another Michael C Hall show, Six Feet Under.
  • from Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Spotted
    The couple, which split back in August, was seen in public this week for the first time since their break up. Could this be them mending their relationship? It could be possible as the divorce has not been finalized and neither have fully committed to it being over. None the less its good news for Dexter fans that no hostility appears to remain between the two.
  • from Dexter Season 6 Premiere Date
    Rumors are that Dexter Season 6 will debut on September 25th at 9pm on Showtime. Looking at past seasons and when they started this date fits the trend of Dexter seasons starting on the last Sunday of the month. Stay tuned for future information.
  • from Julia Stiles (Lumen) Would Like to Return to Dexter
    Julia Stiles was recently quoted as saying she would love to return to Dexter but had this to say about next seasons plot. “I don’t think anyone knows. The writers don’t start discussing story ideas until February, so I have no clue.” An appearance at some point wouldn’t shock me as her character was well liked among fans.
  • Netflix-Showtime relationship shows strain over 'Dexter' flap
  • 'DEXTER The Game' now available for PC 
  • Michael C Hall and Sarah Silverman Peep World Interview 
  • 'Dexter' Star Michael C. Hall Named Ambassador For Cancer Charity 
    NEW YORK – January 13, 2011 – Writers Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg are teaming to pen the script for Syfy’s pilot development project Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) from ITV Studios America. Syfy announced last May that it had acquired the rights to the classic British detective show for development as a potential one-hour series with Howard Braunstein of Jaffe/Braunstein Entertainment (The Memory Keepers Daughter/ Christmas in Canaan) on board as executive producer. Randall and Hopkirk is a co-production between Universal Cable Productions and ITV for Syfy. UCP will be the producing company.
    Jane and Drew most recently collaborated on the Syfy original series Caprica, where Espenson served as executive producer and Greenberg as supervising producer. The pair also worked together on genre busting crossover television hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Espenson was a writer/producer and Greenberg a writer.
    Espenson’s other writing and producing credits include Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls and Dollhouse. Greenberg’s writing and producing credits include Warehouse 13 and Dexter.
    Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) is based on the popular British detective series from the late 1960s in which Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope) was murdered while investigating a case. He returned as a ghost, visible only to his former partner, Randall (Mike Pratt), and assisted him in sleuthing from beyond the grave.
    ITV Studios America, the U.S. based production entity of ITV plc in the U.K. is one of the largest international producers for the U.S. market and a major force in acquiring, developing and producing reality and scripted programming for US networks.
  • Dexter was chosen as "Favorite TV Obsession" at this year's People Choice Awards!
  • From Jan. 4, Soap Opera Weekly: "Real-life Dexter duo Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Jennifer Carpenter (Deb), who were married in 2008, are divorcing.
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Michael C. Hall Christmas Song (12/7/10)
    Michael performs a Christmas song heavily influenced by his character on
    'Dexter.'  VIDEO 
    The star of 'Dexter' talks about his hit show and his training as a
    musical actor. VIDEO 
  • Dexter renewed for 6th season!

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