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  Season Four Quotes

Lines from the Script of Episode
#401 "Coming Home":
PACEY: Just one question, Potter. What did you think about the seventh time that you stalled?
JOEY: That Iím never driving stick again.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#404 "Future Tense":
PACEY: Before you were kicking and screaming, now you want to be carried?
JOEY: Itís a womanís prerogative to change her mind, Pacey.
PACEY: I thought you were a guy tonight. Guys walk. Come on, number four. On your feet.
JOEY: So youíre in love with me, huh?
PACEY: Not right this second. Right now youíre just this crazy drunk girl Iím trying to get into the house without waking up all the paying customers at her sisterís B&B. But in general, yes.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#405 "A Family Way":
PACEY: Calm your hormones, woman! Didn't anyone ever tell you "no means no"?
JOEY: I don't think you've ever told me that.
PACEY: Well, I'm telling you now. I'm serious here -- it's time to watch TV.
JOEY: Your girlfriend offers her lips to you in the spirit of teenage lust and you'd rather watch the "E! True Hollywood Story" on Danny Bonaduce for the fourth time?
JOEY: What's wrong? Why'd you stop?
PACEY: Come on, Potter -- every day we make out on this couch and you always stop it at the same point and we end up watching TV for the rest of the afternoon -- I'm just issuing a preemptive strike.
JOEY: And I'm issuing a counteroffensive.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#406 "Great Xpectations":
PACEY: I asked if it bothered you.
JOEY: No. It doesnít bother me.
PACEY: It bothers you.
JOEY: It does not bother me. It bothers you.
You just want it to bother me, too.
PACEY: Okay, then whatís bothering you?
JOEY: You.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#407 "You Had Me At Goodbye":
JEN: What do you want, Jack? Do you just wanna be angry? Fine. But at some point you're gonna have to tell me how I fix this. 'Cause right now you're both judge and jury and I'm... I'm at a loss. Do you want me to say I'm sorry? I have. I've apologized for making a mistake. For poor judgement. I've apologized for things I didn't even think were my fault. I'm seventeen and I did something stupid, OK? But when someone close to you does something... unexpected. Or... or out of character, you donít just abandon them, Jack. And thatís exactly what youíre doing.
JACK: I don't believe it. Now you're gonna turn this on me?
JEN: You of all people should know how it feels. And it kills me that you're the one doing it. You might not ever do what I did, Jack, but what you're doing right now?... I would never do to anyone. Especially you.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#408 "The Unusual Suspects":
PACEY: Remember when you told me that you'd never be able to trust me again? That was definitely among the top five worst moments of my life.
DAWSON: Remember when I walked out of my house and found you and Joey? That was my worst ever. Number one with a bullet.
PACEY: Do you think itís possible that maybe, I could prove to you that I could be someone you could trust again, someday?
DAWSON: Iíd like to believe it is.
PACEY: I gotta try. Not ready to give up on you.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#410 "Self-Reliance":
JOEY: So youíre not... interested in her?
DAWSON: Even if I were, sheís not interested in me, so why ruin a perfectly good friendship?
JOEY: Things donít always have to work out that way, Dawson. I mean look at us. After all thatís happened. We are... friends. If we werenít, you wouldnít have given me this, and I wouldnít be sitting here telling you to do whatever your heart tells you to do. Because the truth is... Gretchen would be lucky to have you. Night, Dawson.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#412 "The Te of Pacey":
JOEY: Pacey, your family, out of the kindness of their hearts, wanted to treat you to a party on your eighteenth birthday. What was I supposed to tell them?
PACEY: My family doesn't give a crap about me or my birthday, Jo. It's just an excuse for my Dad to get drunker than usual, eat some cake, tell me I'm a disappointment, and then pass out in his chair watching "When Animals Attack."

Lines from the Script of Episode
#414 "A Winter's Tale":
JEN: What are you scared of?
JACK: I'm scared that I'm gonna end up alone. I'm scared that I'm always gonna be someone's friend, or brother, or confidant but never quite... someone's everything. Mostly I'm scared I'm never gonna meet a guy that I love as much as I love you.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#415 "Four stories"
PACEY: I know it's hardly the most equal of exchanges. You give me your virginity, I give you a box of candy hearts. But I wanted to give you something. To commemorate the event.
JOEY: Had I known there were prizes involved, I wouldíve asked for a car. Nothing too expensive. Just something to tool around in.
PACEY: How about the Witter Wagoneer? I can give you the Witter Wagoneer if you want.
JOEY: The Witter Wagoneer? Do I look like some two-bit floozie to you?

Lines from the Script of Episode
#418 "Eastern Standard Time":
GRETCHEN: ...I wanna make love to you so much. So much. I really believed that was why we came here. But itís not. And as much I want you and love you, weíre not gonna do this. Not tonight.
DAWSON: Why not?
GRETCHEN: Because when we have sex it wonít be because you have something to prove to yourself. And it wonít be because something motivated it that may or may not be any of our business. Weíll have sex because weíre in love at the moment when weíre both prepared to show each other what that really means .

Lines from the Script of Episode
#419 "Late":
DAWSON: Who knew that denial could feel this good?
GRETCHEN: You know thereís no hope for us.
DAWSON: How could there be? Weíre heading in completely different directions.
GRETCHEN: We might as well be going to different planets.
DAWSON: We really should break up this second and get it over with.
GRETCHEN: I agree. I never want to see you again.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#420 "Promicide":
PACEY: You know, last year -- I could give you something no one else could. I could give you a wall to paint a mural on, I could sail you around on a boat for a whole summer, I could give you that night on the ski trip -- but I'm spent now, Jo. I've got nothing left to give. And it makes me angry that you'd stay with me even after I've become what I've become.
JOEY: What have you become? You're just you, you're a good person and I love you--
PACEY: -- Joey, I've become someone who hates himself so much he can't even look in a mirror. And I wish being with you didn't make it worse but it does. Because the more you love me in spite of all this, the angrier at you I get... and the more I stop loving you back.
JOEY: How long have you felt this way?
PACEY: I don't know. And I know it isn't right. I know my failures have nothing to do with you, but if we stay together, I'm just gonna keep taking it all out on you -- like I did in there tonight. That was horrible, Joey, and I know all this is totally my fault. I can't keep treating you like that - but I know I won't stop treating you like that.
JOEY: I've got news for you -- how you treat me, is actually totally in your power.
PACEY: Joey, look at me... Senior year is over. We're two different people, heading in two different directions. There's no boat in the sunset this time. There's Boston and there's Capeside.
JOEY: You break my heart into a thousand pieces and you say it's because I deserve better? How dare you?

JOEY: This isnít about Dawson and you know it. So why donít you tell me whatís really going on?
PACEY: Watching you dance with him just now, I realized itís the happiest Iíve seen you all night. The happiest Iíve seen you in weeks, in fact. ...But you wanna know whatís worse? I never thought Iíd say this -- I canít believe Iím saying this, but: I donít care. I donít care that you were dancing with Dawson. Iím not hurt, Iím not jealous, Iím not anything. Thatís whatís going on, Joey.
JOEY: Great. Then how Ďbout we take this ďnothingĒ outside.
PACEY: So you can clean up my mess again. No. You wanted me to take off the happy mask? Here it goes: why are you with me?
JOEY: Pacey --
PACEY: -- Because I donít know why Iím with you. I used to, but not anymore.
JOEY: Iíll make a note of that.
PACEY: What I do know is that Iím tired of how I feel when Iím with you. Like your good deed -- the designated loser, the big fat failure -- thatís not who I am.
JOEY: I never said it was. Ya know -- this isnít about me, Pacey, itís about you --
PACEY: No... It is about you. And how being with you makes me feel like Iím worthless, and stupid, and never right. But you know what? I realized something. It isnít my fault. When Iím with you, Iím poor-Pacey he didnít get into college, Iím stupid Pacey got the airport limo or ruined the corsage or ripped the dress --
JOEY: -- I said I donít care about that stuff!
PACEY: I want you to care, Joey. I donít want you to just accept it. Because right now, weíre not just trapped on a boat, weíre trapped in this relationship, and I canít take it anymore. Being with you makes me feel like Iím nothing. I donít do it to myself. You do it to me every day and you donít even see it. Thatís why I flinch when you get near me. Thatís why I canít bring myself to touch you, why the last thing I want is to touch you...
JOEY: Are you done?
PACEY: I can keep going if you want.
JOEY: No Pacey, you can stop. And then, you can just go to hell.
DAWSON: I was just gonna say, you know, given everything thatís happened in the twelve months since last yearís prom -- Iím glad we ended up here.
JOEY: Me too, Dawson.
DAWSON: God, weíre so healthy, it makes me wanna puke.
JOEY: I know. It is kinda sickening.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#421 "Separation Anxiety":
PACEY: Itís not your fault, Jo. None of this is your fault. You are not the reason we broke up. I am.
JOEY: But you said --
PACEY: -- I know what I said and how I said it, and I get sick every time I think about it. Blaming you for my insecurities. Making you feel guilty for all of your accomplishments when you should be nothing but proud. Because I am so proud of you.
JOEY: I know you are.
PACEY: But I havenít shown you that. Instead I turned into the s tereotypical guy who canít handle the fact that his girlfriend has a better job than him. I hate that guy.
JOEY: Youíre not that guy, Pacey.
PACEY: But I feel like him. Because as much as I want to not care, as much as I wish I could let it roll off my back... I canít. I was so jealous last night. Not of you, but of all those kids who are going to get to experience you next year. Theyíre gonna get to be with you, and Iím not.
JOEY: I was so certain that Kubelikís offer was going to be the answer to all of our problems. A sign, you know?
PACEY: I know. And I think it was. It just wasnít the sign we were hoping for. But at least we got a better ending this time around. Iím grateful for that.
JOEY: Me too.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#422 "The Graduate":
PACEY: Speaking hypothetically, if I was lucky enough to own another boat someday and asked the love of my life to go sailing with me... would she?
JOEY: You wouldnít have to ask... See ya, Pace.
PACEY: See ya, Joey.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#423 "Coda":
DAWSON: Yíknow, this sucks a lot more than I remembered.
JOEY: Dawson, need I remind you that ďSea Creature From The DeepĒ won the Jurors Prize in the Junior Division at the Boston Film Festival, for which you were awarded the princely sum of $2,500.
DAWSON: Which I then proceeded to waste on my next film. What was it called again? Oh, yeah. ďThat Self-Indulgent Piece of Crap.Ē Thanks for reminding me.
JOEY: Kinda makes you wonder how such a no-talent hack managed to get into USC Film School.
DAWSON: Thank you. Would you rather... have sex with Peskin or watch Peskin have sex with Grams?
JEN: Hey, hey, hey. First of all, Grams would never do Peskin. And second... you win.
DAWSON:It's become obvious to me that in life, you're either a Mac person or you're a PC person. The choice defines you.
JOEY: God, Jen, what are we going to do all summer?
JEN: Same thing we did all last summer?
JOEY: Youíll have to refresh my memory. I was otherwise engaged.
JEN: We mostly just drove around in Dawsonís Jeep drinking Big Gulps and being mad at the world.
JOEY: And was it fun?
JEN: It had its moments.
JOEY: And what makes you think I want him to stay?
JEN: You really want to know?
JOEY: Yeah.
JEN: This little voice in my head that keeps saying, ďI like your hair color. What number is that?Ē
JOEY: You still hate me, donít you?
JEN: Of course I donít hate you.
JEN: Okay, now I want you to go. Get the hell out of here. Walk across that lawn. Have a great life. And never call me again. Ever.
DAWSON: So I can be like every other guy youíve ever known and fulfill all your worst fears about men?
JEN: Yes. Exactly. Oh, wait, I forgot. We never slept together.
DAWSON: Hell, you got five minutes?
JEN: For you? Always.
JOEY: Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again. Youíre worse than a girl, Dawson Leery.
DAWSON: Thatís nice. Emasculate me. Itís only like the last time youíre ever gonna see me. Well, until Thanksgiving, I suppose.
JOEY: Thatís like five months away. A lifetime. By then youíll be married to the first bimbo who slips you her headshot.
DAWSON: And youíll of course be shacked up with the first frat guy who offers you a hit off his beer bong.
JOEY: Donít you wish we could just fast-forward four years and see how it all turns out?
DAWSON: Donít need to. Four years at Worthington will transform you into a pedigreed professional. Youíll have the world at your feet.
JOEY: And you?
DAWSON: Oh, Iíll be working the graveyard shift at Kinkoís. Stop by and say ďHiĒ sometime.
JOEY: I want you to stay.
DAWSON:Excuse me?
JOEY: I want you to stay. There. I said it.
DAWSON:Do you think maybe you could've mentioned this before I packed?
JOEY: And now that I've said this thing, I want you to forget it.
DAWSON:Forget it? How do i forget that?
JOEY: Because I have this friend who's with me wherever I go. Pure magic. Which is all just a really long-winded way of saying I'm gonna miss you, Dawson.
DAWSON:I'm gonna miss you, too, Joey.
JOEY: Your all time most life-altering moment.
DAWSON:Hard to say...
...for all I know, it could be this one. It could be saying goodbye to you.
PACEY: I called, Dawson, because I realized youíre the one person I regret not saying goodbye to. I called because once upon a time, the only thing that really mattered to me was being your best friend. I called because I wanted you to know that despite everything thatís happened and all the miles between us right now, I still think about the way it was in the beginning.
DAWSON: When we were just a couple of dorks wondering if and when a girl would ever look our way.
PACEY: Hey, speak for yourself, man.
DAWSON: Iím glad you called, Pace. ĎCause the worst thing about not saying goodbye is I never got the chance to tell you this thing I wanted so badly to tell you.
PACEY: Whatís that?
DAWSON: Iím proud of you, Pacey.
PACEY: That means so much more than you could ever know, Dawson.
DAWSON: Damn. I had such high hopes the Last American Virgin would fare better as an undergrad.
JOEY: Well, I certainly hope youíre not expecting me to help you out. ĎCause Iím never having sex again.
DAWSON: Never?
JOEY: Ever.
DAWSON: Okay, sex with Drue or work at the yacht club for the rest of your life?
JOEY: Oh, sex with Drue, easy.
JOEY: Címon, heís vaguely cute once you get past that whole sociopath thing.
DAWSON: Okay, all-time most life-altering moment.
JOEY: Ever?
JOEY: Wow. Lotsa winners there. My mom dying. My dad going to prison. Pacey... But then thereís this other moment that comes to mind. It was a couple of years ago. In this room. I was standing over there, by the window. And you kissed me. And it changed everything. Itís a powerful thing... having your biggest wish come true in one moment.


Updated 10/21/04