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  Season Three Quotes

Lines from the Script of Episode
#301 "Like A Virgin":
JOEY: What are you doing here?
PACEY: It's an interesting phenomenon. I got in Dawson's rowboat and it magically drifted to your dock.
JOEY: Magically drift any closer and I'll kill you.
PACEY: I almost believe that.
JOEY: He told you, didn't he? Didn't he?
PACEY: What do you think?
JOEY: I think I hate you both.
PACEY: You're gonna hate what I'm gonna say even more. He did the best thing, Joey. You two need to be apart now.
JOEY: How would you know what I need?
PACEY: You're probably right. I'm sure I don't have any idea what you're going through. How hard it is to let someone go. How painful it must be to know that as right as you two are for each other, it doesn't mean you're right for each other right now. I wouldn't know a thing about that. About how it makes you want to scream, or hit someone...or cry.
JOEY: Of all people to see me like this, it had to be you.
PACEY: It's a new year, Joey. You never know, we could even end up friends.
JOEY: Pacey, I'm upset enough as it is.

Lines from the Script of Episode #302 "Homecoming":
JOEY: So we were friends, then we were a couple, then we were friends again, then we were a couple... what are we now?
DAWSON: We're Dawson and Joey.
JOEY: You think every Joey has a Dawson and every Dawson has a Joey?
DAWSON: I hope so. For their sake.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#307 "Escape from Witch Island":
JOEY: What do you actually know about my life these days, Dawson? Think about it. Do you know how I lost my job? How I did on my PSATs? How the Potter sisters are eking out their meager living? And you know what? I don't know one thing about your life right now either.
DAWSON: Joey, I'm sorry if I've been distant. I thought that's what we needed...
JOEY: Dawson, the last year of my life has been like this wide-awake nightmare of conflicting emotions. But no matter how bad it got, one thing kept me going. Us. Our bond, our connection, whatever you want to call it. It made me feel like I wasn't alone, like I was part of something special. So I'm not whining about being friends or not being friends. It's just that... for the first time in my life... I'm not feeling that connection anymore. And it scares me.
DAWSON: Hey, once upon a time, you yourself told me that some love stories never end. What happened to that girl?
JOEY: She offered herself to the boy she loved. The boy she thought loved her back. And he rejected her.
DAWSON: Joey, listen to me: If we are truly meant to be, then we will find our way back to each other. It's as simple as that.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#309 "Four To Tango":
JOEY: What youíre telling me is that youíre the innocent victim of some behavioral psychology experiment gone horribly awry?
JOEY: And youíre desperately in need of some able-bodied female to help you provoke some preconditioned, Pavlovian homework response?
JOEY: Thatís the worst pickup line Iíve ever heard. And I think you should keep in mind that my tutoring services are only available from the neck up.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#311 "Barefoot at Capefest":
JEN: Look, I came here to apologize.
HENRY: For what?
JEN: For being careless with your heart. For thinking I knew better just because Iím older. I spent all night thinking about what you said. Youíre right. I donít know what itís like to be in love that way. I donít know what itís like to lose yourself in someone else. But I want to. If one us is younger than the other, I donít think itís you, Henry. I think itís me.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#312 "A Weekend In The Country":
HENRY: Don't get ahead of yourself, Jen. I never called this a date. I just said we'd eat dinner. Get to know each other.
JEN: I've been around the block enough times to spot a date in sheep's clothing.
HENRY: You really think a kid like me would ever deign to consider himself ready for a date with a woman of your silk.
JEN: Ilk. That's ilk.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#313 "Northern Lights":
HENRY: I canít remember when I felt this depressed. Oh yeah. Ten minutes ago.
JEN: Youíll get no sympathy from these quarters.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#314 "The Valentine's Day Massacre":
PACEY: And here it is, kids, for the four-hundred and eighty-seventh time this hour, the Top Ten single, "The Ballad of Dawson and Joey." Do you think those crazy kids'll find their way back to each other one day? I sure hope so.
JOEY: Stay out of this, Pacey.
PACEY: Of course. How dare a lowly bottom-feeder like myself tread upon the sanctity of the Dawson/Joey dynamic. It's just so fascinating to watch how you treat him, Potter.
JOEY: And how is that, Dr. Witter?
PACEY: Like he's this weird little neutered virgin creature. Like you're worried he's going to cross some threshold into the real world and leave you behind. And you, unable to take a step without worrying about whether or not sheís going to approve.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#316 "To Green, With Love":
PACEY: I've kinda got this problem.
JEN: So I've noticed.
PACEY: Is it that obvious?
JEN: It's starting to be.
PACEY: D'ya think we maybe can still pretend like it's not?
JEN: Only if we pretend to have a conversation about it.
PACEY: You're really gonna make me do this? Okay, okay. Let's make believe I've gotten myself into an impossible situation. Pretend like I've... I'm sorta falling or have fallen for the worst person I could ever have fallen for. What would you tell me to do?
JEN: I'd tell you that any impossible situation is not gonna get any better if you don't do something about it.
PACEY: I have it on good authority that my rough charms don't exactly register on her rarified romantic palate. Lets face it, I've got Duckie written all over me.
JEN: Duckie?
PACEY: You know, Molly Ringwald's little friend from "Pretty in Pink." The one who definitely does not get the girl.
JEN: Yes, but Duckie made the girl feel good about herself. He stood by her through innumerable fashion emergencies, he made a spectacle of himself lip-synching to her in a public place, and he took her to the prom...

Lines from the Script of Episode
#317 "Cinderella Story":
JOEY: I'm not meant to. Isn't that obvious by now?
PACEY: Because you're sixteen and alone.
JOEY: Because I'm sixteen and in my entire life there's only been two people that have ever really known me. Dawson and...
PACEY: -- This A.J. didn't know you. I don't care how you felt about him. He didn't know you, Joey. Because if he did, he never would have walked away from you.
JOEY: I was gonna say you, Pacey.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#319 "Stolen Kisses":
PACEY: -- Get in bed, Potter. And while youíre there, get over yourself.
JOEY: Get your butt away from me.
PACEY: Potter, my butt wants nothing to do with your butt, okay?
JOEY: Awful. Thatís how I feel. Awful.
PACEY: You donít think this whole situation makes me feel awful. Tonight, when I kissed you. I never felt happier and worse all at the same time. When I think of Dawson finding out... or Andie... It kills me, Joey. It destroys me to have these feelings. But I do.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#320 "The Longest Day":
JEN: Donít you even want to know what happened?
HENRY: What if I donít? What if for once Iíd like to put us before whatever little mini-drama you and your friends have whipped up this week?
JEN: Leave, okay. I mean it. Just leave.
HENRY: Youíre being irrational.
JEN: No, Iím just irritated. Irrational is when I get violent, which is gonna happen in about two seconds if you donít get your horny freshman ass outta here.
DAWSON: Itís a simple question, Joey. Do you need him like you need me?
JOEY: Those things donít have anything to do with each other. The way I feel about him is totally separate from the way I feel about you and about our friendship.
DAWSON: What friendship? As of this moment, we donít have a friendship. You donít get to have us both. You canít have him as your boyfriend and me as your consolation prize. You have to choose. And if you choose him, I wonít be there to pick up the pieces when it falls apart. And it will fall apart. So it better be worth it. If you do this, thereís no going back. This ruins everything, Joey.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#321 "Show Me Love":
PACEY: Dawson Leery couldnít have scripted this any better.
JOEY: What do you mean? Pacey: Don't you get it? No matter what I do, he wins. If I drop out, he wins. If I race, Iím forced into competing with him. If I win that race, I beat... you. And guess who wins?
PACEY: You think indulging in some James Dean meets Greased Lightnin' fantasy is gonna prove that you're a better man than me?
DAWSON: I don't have to prove that. You made that clear when you moved in on Joey.

Lines from the Script of Episode
#322 "The Anti-Prom":
DAWSON: Don't you get it Joey? You can't go back. You can't come to my room and pop in "E.T." and sit with me on my bed and have it be the same. And you can't dance with him at the prom I organized and expect me not to get hurt.
JOEY: You told me tonight was about you and me, and our friendship. But if that were true it wouldn't matter who I danced with.
DAWSON: I said tonight was about moving forward. What did you think that meant? You can't think thatís all I wanted. Of course I want more.
JOEY: I don't know why we can't just try to get our friendship back --
DAWSON: -- Because, don't you see? The entire reason I suggested this stupid alternative prom -- it wasn't just about Jack. It was about you. Maybe I was trying too hard, but I didn't want to miss my chance to dance with you, to hold you, to make you remember what it's like between us. I thought if only I could make tonight perfect...
JOEY: That I'd pick you. Say it, Dawson -- you thought that if you orchestrated this whole evening I'd be convinced into picking you over Pacey.
DAWSON: You have to pick someone, Joey! And I wanted to remind you what you'd be missing if you didn't pick me. Because youíd be missing a lot. And so would I. We'd be missing everything.
HENRY: Jen, my decision to go -- it's got nothing to do with you.
JEN: Exactly. But if this were a real relationship -- your choice for those eight weeks would at least have something to do with me. So goodnight, Henry.
HENRY: I won't go through this again, Jen. This time, there'll be no posters or grand declarations of my feelings for you. You walk in that house and it's not just goodnight... it's good-bye.
JEN: Then good-bye.
JOEY: So... I've had this question I've been meaning to ask you all night... would you like to dance with me?
PACEY: How come this feels so right, Potter?
JOEY: It was the lessons...

Lines from the Script of Episode
#323 "True Love":
DAWSON: Joey, I think weíve shared enough convoluted conversations this year for a lifetime. What are you trying to say?
JOEY: If you and I are going to have an honest relationship, thereís something you should know... I broke things off with Pacey -- not entirely -- but in large part because I didnít want to lose you. Youíre so much of my life. Your house is my house. Your family is my family. Thereís not a single significant event Iíve experienced that you havenít experienced with me. I was afraid of losing all that. But if that wasnít the choice -- if I thought there was a chance you would forgive me, I might have chosen differently. I just thought you deserved to know that.
JEN: Henry. Iím the reason we didnít have sex after the prom.
HENRY: Trust me. I know.
DAWSON: Joey, címon. Even I can see it. Pacey is this yearís Paris. And you need to go this time. You need to see for yourself. I can sit here and tell you that itís a colossal mistake, that all roads lead back to me, but it doesnít matter. Words, speeches... they sound great, but they donít add up to anything. All that matters right now is what you want.
JOEY: I donít even know what that is.
DAWSON: Sure you do. You want him. You want him like I want you. You love him like I love you. Only the difference is he loves you back the same way.
JOEY: I think I'm in love with you.
PACEY: You think you are, or you know?
JOEY: I know it. I've know it since the moment we kissed, and maybe even before that. And as scary as it is, I don't want to deny it anymore. I don't want to run from it or let it run from me.
PACEY: So what are we going to do here?
JOEY: I'm still not gonna ask you to stay.
PACEY: I see...
JOEY: Because I want to go with you.
PACEY: Wait a second... are you crazy?
JOEY: I want to stop standing still. I want to go forward. I want to go with you, Pacey.
PACEY: What about Bessie and the B&B -- they need you.
JOEY: Not as much as I need you.


Updated 10/21/04