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Dawson's Creek Episode Guide

Written By Miranda

Dawson and Joey are in Dawson’s bedroom, watching footage from the sea-creature movie they are making. In the movie, Joey and Pacey have to kiss, and every time they try to film this scene, Joey pulls away in disgust and can’t go through with kissing him. Dawson is creating a fake head of Joey to use in the movie for the scene when her character is killed by the sea monster. He explains to Joey that the movie doesn’t work without the kiss, because essentially, it is a love story. Joey argues that it is supposed to be a horror movie, and complains that Pacey is “un-kiss-worthy.” Joey asks Dawson if he has kissed Jen yet, and Dawson replies that you can’t rush fate. Joey advises him not to wait forever, since Jen is from New York, where things move a little faster.

At school the next day, Dawson tries once again to talk Mr Gold into allowing him to join his film class. Mr Gold finally agrees to let Dawson sit in, as long as he doesn’t speak or participate in any way. Pacey attempts to talk to Tamara in one of her English classes, but she tells him to forget they ever kissed, which Pacey says is unfair. The classroom fills with students and Pacey has to leave. At lunch, Dawson tells Joey her character is going to die earlier in the movie rather than at the end, and Jen will arrive as Joey’s characters cousin and fall in love with Pacey’s character. This makes Joey happy because she won’t have to kiss Pacey anymore.

In film class, Dawson discovers the class plans to enter their movie into the Boston Film Festival junior division, which is where Dawson is planning on entering his sea creature movie. A jock named Cliff Elliot is in the film class, and he discusses with the rest of the class his thoughts on the direction their film should take. The movie is about football, and is titled “Helmets of Glory.”

At the Leery household, Dawson asks his father for some relationship advice. He wants to know about kissing techniques. Mitch tells him a story about his first kiss with Gale, and encourages Dawson to practice kissing on his fake head of Joey. Dawson closes his eyes and kisses the head, while Joey is watching the whole thing from upstairs on the banister. After she sees this, Joey catches Gale who is on the phone in the closet with Bob. Joey tells Gale she knows, and then leaves.

Joey’s death scene is filmed for the movie, and Jen offers to help her clean the fake blood off her body. While Jen is cleaning her up, she comments that Joey has nice breasts. Jen says she hates her body, and thinks she looks like a duck. When Joey replies that she doesn’t think Jen looks like a duck, Jen tells her that is the nicest thing she has said to her since they met, and tells Joey she plans to make it really hard for her to hate her.

Dawson invites Jen over for a John Travolta night, rather than having to actually attend the dance the school is holding that evening. However, Jen tells him she already plans on going to the dance with Cliff. Dawson is upset and Jen says he should go to the dance anyway.

In Dawson’s room, he tells Joey he is going to go to the dance; he wants to intervene and stop Jen from kissing Cliff. Joey says she is going too, but only to watch Dawson make a fool of himself. While Dawson is getting ready to go, Joey goes into the hallway and runs into Gale. She tells Gale that they need to talk, and asks her if she remembers Joey’s mom, whom her dad cheated on for years before she died of cancer, tearing their family apart. Gale asks if Dawson knows (about her affair with Bob). Dawson overhears and asks “Knows what?” Joey replies “Knows how to dance.” Dawson says of course he knows how to dance, and him and Joey head off.

Pacey arrives at the dance, which is being held in the school gym. He walks up to Tamara who is talking to another teacher at the punch bowl. Pacey asks her to dance, but Tamara tells him it’s not a good idea and walks away from him. When Joey and Dawson arrive, they see Jen is dancing with Cliff. Joey asks Dawson what his plan is, and Dawson admits he doesn’t have one. He drags Joey onto the dance floor. After a few songs, Jen leaves Cliff on the dance floor to go to the bathroom. Dawson follows her, and he stops her in the hallway. She tells him she has been looking all over for him, and says she wants to have a dance with him. Dawson gets jealous and asks if Cliff would mind if they danced, seeing as he is her date. Jen gets angry and tells him to forget it, and keeps walking to the bathroom.

Dawson and Joey sit at a table in the gym, and Dawson sulks about Jen dancing with Cliff. Joey tells him to get over it, saying he barely knows Jen. Dawson believes that is the beauty of it, that he hardly knows her and yet he already feels such a strong connection to her. He says Jen challenges him the way Joey does; that she could be Joey, except she’s Jen. Joey has an angry expression on her face, and reminds him that his movie ends with the sea creature not getting the girl, but dying a horrible and bloody death. She leaves the gym, telling him she is already dead.

Dawson cuts in on Cliff and Jen dancing. Dawson tells Cliff that he and Jen have something going on, and that he can take it from here. Jen gets annoyed at them fighting over her and leaves.

After leaving the dance, Pacey spots Tamara walking on the dock. He goes over and talks to her, and when Tamara apologises for their kiss, Pacey tells her it was “just a kiss.” Tamara says it was more than that; it was very wrong. In the future she wants their relationship to be only teacher-student, but as she goes to leave, Pacey grabs her and they kiss again.

On his way home, Dawson runs into Jen, who tells him how angry she is about what happened that night. Dawson says he became scared he was becoming her friend. Jen doesn’t understand why this is such a bad thing, but Dawson tells her he doesn’t want to be her friend. Jen tells him that in New York she was moving fast and made a lot of mistakes and that she’s scared she wouldn’t be able to handle kissing Dawson yet. Instead she asks him to dance on the dock with her, which he does. While they are dancing, Joey is watching from behind a tree with a heartbroken look on her face.

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Updated 11/20/06  


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