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Dawson's Creek Episode Guide

Written By Miranda
Proofread by Suzanne

The first episode opens with a guy and a girl lying side by side on a bed, watching ET. We learn these characters are Dawson Leery and Joey Potter, who are 15 and have been friends forever. Joey gets up to leave, so Dawson asks where she is going, since she always spends the night and has since she was 7 years old. Joey doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to sleep over anymore because she now has breasts and he has genitalia. Dawson doesn’t agree and says they will be friends no matter what happens.

Dawson, Joey and their friend Pacey Witter are filming a horror movie about a sea monster. While filming, a taxi pulls up and a beautiful blonde girl gets out, capturing the guys attention, while Joey just looks jealous. This is Jennifer Lindley (Jen) from New York, who is moving in with her grandmother.  She lives next door to Dawson and has moved there to help out with her sick grandfather.

We see that Joey has a very pregnant sister named Bessie, who’s living with her black boyfriend Bodie (a chef). Her mom has died from cancer and her dad is in prison for trafficking marijuana and ecstasy. We also learn that Dawson’s parents, Mitch and Gale Leery, like to make out a lot on the coffee table.

Pacey and Dawson are at work in the video store when an attractive older woman, Tamara Jacobs, comes in to rent a movie, “The Graduate.” Pacey is immediately attracted to her.

Jen and Dawson discuss how religious her grandmother is and how Jen doesn’t believe in God. Jen’s grams is very uptight and can't even say the word “penis.” Dawson asks Jen to be in his movie, and we find out that Dawson worships Steven Spielberg “in a God-like way.” Dawson thinks his mom may be sleeping with her co-anchor on her news show.

Pacey learns that Tamara Jacobs is his new English teacher at Capeside High School. She mentions she is seeing a film at the local cinema, The Rialto, that night. Dawson tries to get into film class with Mr. Gold but is told freshman are not allowed. Dawson, Pacey and Jen make plans to go to The Rialto, and Dawson forces Joey into going, too.

On the way to the movies, Joey picks a fight with Jen, who is just trying to be nice to her. At the movies, Pacey is jealous and makes a fool of himself because Tamara is there on a date with a man. In the meantime,  Joey and Dawson go outside to argue because Joey is jealous of Jen and feels Dawson is neglecting her. Joey tells him he is so removed from reality that he can't even see what’s right in front of him. She goes home, and Dawson goes back inside to Jen. After the movie, while they are walking home, he tries to kiss her, but she pulls away, saying she feels responsible for the night being a disaster. She also admits things were not so great for her in New York. When Dawson gets home, Joey is in his room. They both apologize for the way the night went. Joey once again says how they can't talk like they used to about everything, but Dawson thinks they can. She asks him how many times a day he walks the dog, and when he doesn’t answer, she climbs out the window to go home. Once she gets to the bottom, he changes his mind and answers her, which makes her happy. When she gets in her rowboat, she sees Gale kissing her co-anchor, Bob, but  Dawson doesn’t see them.

Pacey and Tamara meet each other outside the movies, they get into an argument, and she kisses him.

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Updated 11/5/06  


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