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Dawson Leery - Character Description

Dawson is the main character of the show.  He is a huge fan of movies and especially of movie director Steven Spielberg.  Movie posters decorate his bedroom.  He uses movies to deal with life and its various situations.  Dawson has two best friends while growing up: Joey (the girl next door) and Pacey.  In the first season, Pacey and Dawson work in a video store.  Joey often visits Dawson through the window and they would sleep together (platonically). 

When the show began, Dawson and his friends met the new girl in town, Jen, who was visiting for the summer.  Joey was jealous of Jen because Joey started to have romantic feelings for Dawson, who still saw her as a tomboy and his best friend, rather than as a girl. 

Dawson's parents had problems and broke up for a while, then got back together.  His father died in a car accident in 2001, leaving Dawson to be the man of the house and taking care of his mom.

Dawson and Joey were a couple off and on during the show.  He sometimes dated other girls, including Jen.  Dawson and the gang made a movie, based on their lives.  After high school, Dawson moved away to Hollywood and worked on movies.  Eventually, he became a movie director. 

Although Dawson was the hero of the show, he lost the girl at the end when Joey ended up with Pacey instead.

Dawson was always a dreamer who tried to use movie plots to solve his real-life problems.  He had trouble committing to his relationships, especially with Joey.

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