1. The Halliwells take on new identities in this episode (5 words)
4. Which episode was Brian's Krause second-to-last episode? (3 words)
5. What was the name of the Charmed Ones' maternal  grandfather? (2 words)
8. The demon who killed Prue.
17. What witch first tried to kidnap baby Wyatt? (2 words)
18. How many seasons was the character Darryl Morris on?
19. What did the Angel of Destiny make Leo?
20 Piper turned into a valkyrie in which episode? (4 words)
21 Name of the episode where the Halliwells were Goddesses. (3 words)
22 Who was the "ultimate power"? (3 words)*
23 Which villain could freeze time?

*There may be a spelling error here.

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1 In which episode does Leo become an Avatar? (5 words)
2 Who was Phoebe's first husband?
3 Who was the first powerful witch in the Halliwell family? (2 words)
5 Name of the episode where Prue died. (4 words)
6 On which baseball team did Piper's former boyfriend play on? (3 words)
7 In which episode did the Halliwell's home blow up? (4 words)**
9 Which of the Charmed Ones turned into a mermaid?
10 Which Halliwell became the Queen of the Underworld?
11 Which actress starred on "Beverly Hills 90210"? (2 words)
12 In which sitcom did Alyssa Milano star? (3 words)
13 What kind of demon was Drake? (3 words)
14 Who replaced Rex Buckland, Prue's boss, at Buckland's Auction House? (2 words)
15 Who was the Halliwell's half-sister? (2 words)
16 Which former "Charmed" actor stars in Army Wives? (2 words)

**There is an abbreviation in this.


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