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"I've Got you Under my Skin" Episode: #1.2 - 14 October 1998

Summary by Ruby

We enter a restaurant called Quake where Piper explains to Phoebe that the chef who hired her has now quit and left her to manage the restaurant. The meet a friend of Piper’s - Brittany who has a tattoo which Phoebe admires. Having a vision of a man called Alec; Phoebe tells Piper who disapproves of Phoebe using her powers for personal gain. Sure enough, Alec comes over and asks Phoebe if she wants a drink and they leave.

In the parking lot we see Brittany walking towards her car, as she checks hers reflection in the mirror we see a man looking at her from the back seat and she screams.

Next we see Prue preparing to leave Andy’s apartment after a night spent together. As his alarm threatens to alert him to her departure, she moves it out of the window with her power. He wakes up just as she shuts the door can calls for her.

In the kitchen of the house, Piper is watching a television programme about the Salem witch trials and quickly turns it off as Prue enters and asks if she’s worried that they’ll be burned at the stake. She proceeds to tell Piper how quickly things moved when she went out with Andy who teases her. Prue is horrified and changes the subject to Phoebe’s late night with Alec.

At the police station, a man named Max is reporting Brittany’s disappearance and Andy tells him not to worry too much just yet however, when he leaves, Andy remarks that this is the fourth disappearance in a week.

Sitting outside a church in her car, Piper looks nervously at the imposing building where it seems she is catering a function later. She asks Pastor Williams whether the superstition that evil beings can not enter churches without being struck down is true and he laughs it off, telling her he wouldn’t risk it. Unperturbed, Piper gets out of the car and walks towards the car and walks towards the entrance however, a roll of thunder makes her jump and she leaves.

Whilst on her way to a job interview, Prue meets a handsome stranger in the life and receives a call from Andy who wants to discuss her sneaking out of his apartment. As the reception cuts out, the lift comes to its floor but Prue uses her powers to shut the door and speed the lift up to her floor.

Back at the restaurant, Phoebe runs into a photographer – Stefan, whose work she tells him she admires. He invites her to his studio to model for him. As she tries to explain to Piper, she asks Phoebe to make a delivery for the restaurant as the normal guy failed to turn up – she reluctantly agrees.

At the auction house, Prue is being taken to her interviewer who as it turns out, is the handsome stranger from the lift to whom she remarked that the auction house was “stuffy and we learn that his name is Rex Buckland.

In another part of town, we see a hand holding a candle and walking towards a woman tied to a table. She calls for him to help her and we learn that the figure with the candle is Stefan however as he steps out of the shadows, he is no longer young and handsome he is old and tells her his name is “Javna”. Using a laser to look into her eyes he appears to suck her youth from her as he returns to his former self.

Discussing Prue’s escapades with Andy back at the church; Piper feels that she should have been careful given their new situation. When Pastor Williams arrives, Piper asks Pastor Williams about a “friend” who thinks she may be a witch. The Pastor quotes from the Bible and tells her that if she goes by the old views, her friend is evil. Phoebe meanwhile has a flash of the winning lottery numbers and tells an old couple buying a ticket to use them (also buying one for herself). As they leave the church we see an elderly woman with the exact same tattoo that Brittany had in the exact same place.

Outside Quake, Andy is once again trying to convince his partner that the latest disappearances are linked to the occult and witches but he remains sceptical. Inside the restaurant, Prue sees Phoebe with Stefan and wearing Armani which we learn she bought because she believes she is going to win the lottery. When Phoebe leaves the table, we see Stefan examining his hand which appears to be aging.

The next day, Piper is reading the Book of Shadows in the attic. Phoebe enters and Piper admits her fears about how their lives will change now that they are witches. She tells Phoebe that she does not feel normal and is scared about facing the future and Phoebe tells her that they are good witches and that their lives will not change for the worse but instead for the better. Then she leaves to visit Stefan’s studio!

Whilst at lunch, Prue tries to explain why she left Andy’s apartment in a hurry and he tells her not to worry and that they can take things slow because he doesn’t want to ruin it. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from the auction house, inviting Prue to a second interview.

Piper finally manages to persuade herself to enter the church and finds that her fears were unfounded as she is not struck down when she walks inside. As she happily walks down the stairs she sees the elderly lady from before and recognises her from the tattoo on her hand as Brittany.

At the auction house, Rex wants to test Prue’s expertise and introduces her to a colleague – Hannah Webster. As Rex points her to a figurine, Hannah manages to cause a paint tin to empty over Prue who diverts it using her powers. Rex apologises and tells Prue she has the role. When she leaves, Hannah tells Rex she thinks Prue is a witch. When Prue reaches home, Piper tells her about Brittany who is also there and Prue initially doesn’t believe her but when Piper tells her she has asked questions to which only Brittany would know the answers, she believes her.

When Phoebe arrives at Stefan’s studio, she has a vision of Javna and turns to leave. When she is in her van, she is grabbed from behind! Back at the house, Prue and Piper are reading up on Javna and Brittany sees the napkin on the fridge where Phoebe has written Stefan’s address after which she faints. When Piper and Prue reach her she tells them that the address is that of Javna and they realise that Phoebe may be in danger at the same time that Andy and his partner realise the same from watching CCTV camera footage.

Prue and Piper reach Stefan’s studio and enter after hearing Phoebe’s scream. They release Phoebe and Javna tries to capture Prue pulling her towards him with his stare but she reflects it back using a mirror. The three of them stand together and recite an incantation and Javna disappears. Back at the house we see Brittany’s youth return to her.

The police arrive and Andy is confused to see Prue, Piper and Phoebe outside the studio. He tells them they were lucky that they didn’t go inside and they tell him that they were trying to get the van started but not believing them; he reaches inside and starts the ignition easily.

At Quake, the lottery numbers are read out on the news but they disappear from Phoebe’s ticket because she had used her powers to find out what they were.

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