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Charmed Articles

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Interview with Alyssa Milano 11/30/10

Article by Mercedes 7/21/03

Article by Mercedes 2/05/03

Other sites' articles (contributed by Emma!)

Alyssa Milano Gets Married! 8/15/09

Former Charmed writer Chris Levinson will write the pilot for new Dick Wolf show "Lost and Found" on NBC.  NBC Dips into "Lost and Found Box"

Rose McGown hosts TCM show 2/6/09

Thelma & Louise, Khan And More Of Rose McGowan's Favorite Badasses 1/30/09

The Alyssa Milano Roomate Switch 1/27/09

L.A. County Not on Alyssa Milano Protection Duty 1/20/09

Milano Engaged To Marry Agent 1/7/09

Alyssa Milano Files For Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker 12/6/08


Holly Marie Combs Dishes on Life With Her Boys 9/17/08

Rose McGowan - Producers Apologise for McGowan's IRA Comments 9/18/08

In '90210,' it may be the same Brenda Walsh but it's a new Shannen Doherty 9/2/08

Alyssa Milano new TV series! - ABC orders five new series 8/25/08

Ghostbusters video game cast update: Alyssa Milano 8/21/08

Shannen Doherty back in `90210' 'hood this fall 7/21/08

Shannen Doherty Confirmed For New '90210' 7/19/08

Milano Swears off Baseball Players 7/15/08

McGown Dispels Rodriguez Split Reports 7/3/08

McGowan & Rodriguez To Tackle Red Sonja 6/27/08

05-05-08 'Ghost Whisperer,' 'Star Trek: TNG' to Haunt Sci Fi Channel - Network can also access 'Charmed' and 'Early Edition'

10-19-07 Alyssa to guest on "My Name is Earl"


10/19/07 Alyssa Milano in Detail Magazine and on



Alyssa mention in Parade Magazine June 2007

Rodriguez and McGowan Go Public with Relationship 5/23/07

Allysa Milano Debuts Clothing Line 4/12/07

Milano Turns Baseball Passion Into Clothing Line 4/12/07

McGowan Insisted on a Clean Pole 3/23

McGowan to Play B-Movie Star 3/23/07

McGowan's Scar Fears 3/19/07

Bloodbath and Beyond

Find many more Rose McGowan articles on her site

Drew Fuller Interview March 2007

Gowan Loves Gay Clubs 1/6/07

Alyssa Milano asks how we can make the world's children a priority this year. Video and comments

Where Has Allysa Milano Been Since "Charmed" Ended? 12/14

Charmed Star Gives Birth 10/28

Holly Marie Combs Welcomes Baby Boy Number 2 10/27

Alyssa Milano to Star in New ABC Comedy 9/21

‘Breaking Up’ is hard to view - Doherty loses prima donna attitude to help end bad relationships 8/22/06

Session with critics has Shannen Doherty shedding tears 7/14/06

Rose McGowan On "Grind House" Double Duty 7/14/06

Doherty Holds Back Tears As She Remembers Spelling 7/12/06

Alyssa Milano Launches New Clothing Line 7/12/06

Doherty, McPhee Come into "View" 7/7/06

Alyssa Milano Plays the Field 6/30/06

Sad Farewell 5/29/06

Pregnant Jennie Garth and Holly Marie Combs with kids 5/12/06  May 12, 2006 Pregnant Jennie Garth and Holly Marie Combs with kids. Charmed-Net has some photos of Jennie Garth, about five months pregnant with her third child, and Holly Marie Combs, a bit over five and a half months pregnant with her second, chatting at the Soulmate Diamonds event.  In the background of some of the photos, Jennie's oldest daughter Luca Bella, 8 1/2, is visible, and in others, two year old Finley Arthur appears with mom Holly, quite interested in her necklace!

From Alyssa Milano's Charmed Life - PART 2 4/25/06

New Movie Every Day In May (Rose McGowan and Brian Krause movie) 4/18/06

Doherty Didn't Charm Kern 3/30/06

Charmed Spinoffs Possible? 3/30/06

Another Rodriguez Set to Grind (Rose McGowan movie news) 3/29/06

Ross Gets 'Community Service'  (Kaley Cuoco pilot) 3/27/06

Charmedpinoy Holly Marie Combs Mourns Charmed's End 3/10/06

Futon Critic It's the End of the Road for The WB's Charmed and CBS' Yes Dear 3/6/06

Multiply McGowan's Charmed Life Comes to An End 3/6/06

TV Guide Charmed Goes Poof! 3/3/06

E! Online Charmed's Spell Is Broken 3/3/06

Access Hollywood Charmed's Spell Broken  3/3/06

Rose McGowan Online  Assault Affects Celebrities, too 2/28/06

Miami Herald - Victor Webster Loves Being "Cupid" on "Charmed" 2/24/06

TV Guide's interview with Brian Krause!

E! Online - Shannen Doherty's Smash Hit 2/14/06

Boston Herald - UPN + the WB = the CW: Underdog networks will merge

Seattle PI - Kaley Cuoco flipped for 'Charmed'

TV Guide - Charmed Hits a (Final?) Milestone

USA Weekend - Interview: Alyssa Milano on witches, IPOs and flying

The St. George Spectrum - Cancer victim meets star of TV's 'Charmed' - Charmed Begins Anew

WPMI - Alyssa Milano Helps Hurricane Victims

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