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Angel Trivia Quiz

Test your "Angel" knowledge!


Who said what from Season 4?
*In ( ) are hints

1. “Charlie, let me take you around the chocolate factory.” (office)

A. Fred
B. Lilah
C. Lorne
D. Skip

2. “My Sweet.” (on the phone)

A. Lilah
B. Angelus
C. Cordelia
D. Electric Gwen

3. “Anybody got a cig?” (person is trapped in force field)

A. Skip
B. Faith
C. Holtz
D. Spike

4. “It’s like riding a biker.”

A. Electric Gwen
B. Cordelia
C. Faith
D. Lilah

5. “Marlboro Man.” (upon seeing Wesley’s rugged look)

A. Fred
B. Cordelia
C. Lilah
D. Willow

6. “Take your boyfriend and get the hell out of here.” (in anger)

A. Wesley
B. Angel
C. Jasmine
D. Gunn

7. “The answer is among you.” (gang seeking answers)

A. Skip
B. Jasmine
C. Powers that be
D. The girl from the white room

8. “Mr. Angel.” (greeting)

A. Fred
B. Staff at W&H
C. Lilah
D. Jasmine’s followers

9. “Thought you might like a threesome.” (sarcasm)

A. Lilah
B. Faith
C. Electric Gwen
D. Angelus

10. “I think I preferred the little girl.” (upon seeing a panther)

A. Gunn
B. Lorne
C. Angel
D. Jasmine

11. “Cool is that a high def?” (upon seeing a big screen TV)

A. Connor
B. Angel
C. Gunn
D. Lorne



Season 4 Answers


  1. B: Lilah said this to Angel before she showed him around the offices of Wolfram & Hart when they were offered to him.
  1. C: Cordelia (taken over by the Master) spoke this to Angel over the       phone.  Angel realizes Cordelia’s gone bad.
  1. A: Skip’s request when he’s being held in a force field at the hotel.
  1. C: Faith’s reply to Wesley’s question if she can remember how to slay.
  1. D: Willow comments upon seeing Wesley rugged new look after all these years.  (Remember on Buffy?  Wes was an uptight Englishman in a suit.)
  1. B: correct! Angel says this to Cordelia after he sees her sleep with Connor.
  1. D: The gang go to the white room to find out about the evil that was coming and that was the little girl’s reply.
  1. B: The staff of W&H greets Angel after he becomes their boss.
  1. D: Angelus’s comment to Faith when she is trapped in a battle with him and the Beast.
  1. A: Gunn’s comment when there is a black panther in the white room instead of the little girl.
  1. B: Angel upon seeing a big screen TV in his new office.

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Updated 1/14/09 


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