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Angel News

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Joss Whedon wraps secret Shakespeare movie project
Actors include Sean Maher, who starred on Whedon's "Firefly" and in his 2005 movie "Serenity;" Fran Kranz, who stars in "The Cabin in the Woods," which Whedon wrote and is producing; "Castle," "Firefly" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Nathan Fillion and "Angel" and "Cabin" star Amy Acker. Spencer Treat Clark and Jillian Morgese, newcomers to Whedon's projects, also star.

Make a donation to help Uganda and win a video chat with Eliza Dushku! Donate by 12/30

Jim Kouf ("National Treasure," "Angel") and David Greenwalt ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel") are the creators/executive producers of a new NBC Fall series "Grimm".

James Marsters Weds

Is David Boreanaz Living in a Haunted House?

Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" Canceled

Seeker's sexy season 2 with 'T'Pol' and 'Cordelia'!

'Glee' exclusive: Joss Whedon to direct!
by Michael Ausiello

Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009
Series Returns Friday, September 25, on FOX
more info on our Primetime Forum!

Joss Whedon Cultural Humanist (video)

'Dollhouse' scoop: Amy Acker to return

Andy Hallett (Lorn) dies.

A good day for unconventional television: 'Dollhouse' renewed

Eliza Dushku Dollhouse Slideshow

More about "Dollhouse"

Whedon on "Dollhouse" (clip)

Joss Whedon's new online musical: Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog  It's awesome!!

Joss Whedon Returns to Fox With New Series 'Dollhouse'

4/8/06 - J. August Richards stars in the new NBC show "Conviction"

4/8/06 - Julie Benz is starring in a new Swedish-American movie titled "Kill Your Darlings" which opens in Sweden April 13, 2006

11/30/05 - James Marsters (Spike from Buffy and Angel) is currently appearing on the WB's hit show Smallville as Superman's nemesis.

Former Angel and Buffy writer Marti Noxon created the supernatural soap opera "Point Pleasant", now airing on FOX Wednesday nights.

Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria) is making a movie for the big screen. The 27 year old actress will star in "The Novice" an independent coming of age film written and directed by Murray Robinson. The film centers on a Jesuit seminarian whose living is threatened when he falls in love with a humanitarian flower child (Acker). Shooting will begin at the end of July in Mobile, Ala.

WB Admits Mistake in Cancellation Read more about WB CEO Ancier's revelation at the Press Tour. Article by Simon from
In a surprising turn, newly ensconced WB head Garth Ancier admitted that cancelling ANGEL may have been a mistake.
During the TV Critics Press Tour yesterday, Ancier claimed that had the network and producers Twentieth Century Fox held off the February decision, ANGEL might have been renewed: "The mistake that was made between us and Twentieth was that we didn't wait until May, we just made the decision early based upon their request."
Last year, ANGEL was "on the bubble" and renewed at the last moment. Typically, programmers decide series’ fates once all new show pilots are previewed.
This time around, the producers and ANGEL creator Joss Whedon requested that the network make an early February call for renewal. Then-CEO Jordan Levin informed Whedon over dinner that ANGEL would be axed.
The WB had two highly anticipated potential genre series, Lost in Space and Dark Shadows, neither of which panned out, leaving a hole in the program schedule. Dark Shadows, in particular, was expected to be a drop-in replacement for ANGEL, but says Ancier, the production did not "gel."
Series "on the bubble" could go either way. This past season, two such genre shows, UPN's Star Trek: Enterprise and FOX's Tru Calling, were renewed just prior to the "Up Fronts" -- when networks showcase their Fall line-up for potential advertisers.
According to Ancier, there's still interest in doing special ANGEL TV movies, but that David Boreanaz would need some "coaxing" to return to the role.
Ancier's statements may be viewed as a way to distance his new WB administration from that of former CEO and chief programmer Jordan Levin, who resigned last month and was seen as responsible for the end of ANGEL.

David Boreanaz is on location filming a movie called "The Perfect Lie". He has been in San Bernardino at the Orange Show Speedway. He plays Lance, a race car driver and Paul Sorvino is his pit crew chief.

Angel The Vampire Of Steel
According to Christopher Bahn, MSNBC contributor, David Boreanaz could be selected to don a cape and portray the next Superman. However, Christopher Bahn suggested that he would make a better Batman

Ain't It Cool News reports:

You all know that finale-co-writing/directing “Angel” vet Jeff Bell is transferring over to “Alias” next season, yes? Well, ol’ “Intimately Familiar With The Situation” also reveals that “Buffy”/”Angel” superstar Drew Goddard (he co-wrote that last, brilliant Italy-set episode) is also migrating to “Alias”! So look for “Alias” to become perhaps the best show ever next season!

Another “Angel” superstar, Liz Craft (she and her superstar pard, Sarah Fain, wrote the five-star “Underneath,” aired a couple Wednesdays ago), recently mentioned in passing that the distaff scribe duo would be hooking up with the next season of FX’s “The Shield.” (Which is masterminded by yet another “Angel” vet, Shawn Ryan.)

Angel has been removed from

There was a rumor that NBC was going to bring back Angel, but it was fake.

Angel: The Complete Fourth Season will be released September 7th.

Jaime Bergman, David Boreanaz'z wife will be guest starring on the April 28th episode Time Bomb.

First ANGEL TV Movie May Hit in September

From - By Marcus Ferrell - 2004-04-23rd    Scooper ’Daybill’ returned with some news from the ANGEL front:

The WB is working on a new stand-alone telemovie, ANGEL, to air tentatively in September. The first two-hour pic is going to essentially launch the series as a sequence of films - different villain, different storyline, each one. The first is going to tie-in with the events of the series final episode. The season ender is going to go out with a huge cliffhanger, and we’ll have to wait till September to find out how it all ends. Eliza Dushku is in talks to appear in the telemovies, as Faith, the vampire slayer. Her series TRU CALLING isn’t going to be picked up for a second season, so I assume she jumped at it. What’s interesting is, Joss Whedon’s not going to have much to do with the first couple. He’s apparently doing a movie for Universal. Wonder how that’s going to go down with fans? I guess that big truck - which i again saw last week driving around - did something to save this show. How valid is this report? Well, Daybill hasn’t failed us before, but September seems like too quick a turnaround for a tv movie, although not altogether impossible. It’s possible that the first could be filmed after a short break, but I would think that the principal cast would want to get away from these characters for a while. The finale Daybill speaks of also lines up with an April 17 report from our friends over at Spoiler Slayer, where they said that the series will likely end on a cliffhanger. Joss Whedon’s lack of involvement - I wouldn’t be surprised. The movie Daybill speaks of is, of course, the film version of FIREFLY, which is being fasttracked at Universal. However, if these movies go forward, I have no doubt that some of the ANGEL/Mutant Enemy regulars will return. Updated: The boys and girls over at Whedonesque had a good point that contradicts the report (that I, I’m ashamed to say, didn’t think of) - some places have already reported that TRU CALLING will be picked up for another season, even though networks seem to like to mess with executive producers’ minds and tell them they’re being renewed when they haven’t been. Regardless, remember that this report is a rumor. Take nothing as absolute fact until you hear it from the Frog.

According to Kristin from E! online, Angel is not coming back. The sooner we all accept that, the sooner we can move on.

     "It's over," James Marsters (Spike) told Kristin on Wednesday. "And we've known for a while. It was a shock. I've never in my wildest dreams thought they would do that. But it's their game, their football, and it seems they want to pass it to someone else."

     Amy Acker (Fred) also said on Thursday before going to set for her final day of shooting. "I guess they had just sort of decided the cancellation was for good, at a point. So, it seems so sad all these people were working so hard and nothing happened. The whole thing has been so sweet, and we all have been like, 'Oh maybe it will work!' But it seems like they're pretty set in their way."

     The WB suits aren't changing their minds on Angel.  The WB insiders tell Kristin the higher-ups feel strongly that Angel had "limited moneymaking potential," due to limited advertising revenue and what they consider to be a substantial budget. The fan base is clearly devoted, but these bigwigs see little hope of that audience expanding.

     Meanwhile, UPN and Fox have both passed on Angel. UPN has a strict new edict not to pick up "other networks' scraps."  Even if they did want the show they can't afford it. As for Fox, they seem to be going for a slightly different maybe more reality shows.

     The actors are learning to accept the show's fate and move on.  "I'm used to things being over," James said.  "Coming from theater, I'm used to plays being wonderful or less than wonderful, and even if they're fabulous, they do have to come to an end. And you kind of come to a point where you're at peace with that."

     Amy admits she's the weepy one. "I just keep crying, and everyone is like, 'Stop it! Or I'll cry, too.' It's hard because last Friday was Alexis' last night, and yesterday was Andy's last day. And today will be everyone's. It's hard to imagine you won't be spending 12 hours a day with them anymore."

The Save Angel campaign may not have accomplished exactly what we'd hoped but James points out that it managed to do something extra special.

"It may not have saved the show," he explained, "but what it does for the entire cast and crew is give us a little pop as we go out.  Everyone takes notice that we connected well enough with the audience to give them that passion.  And I have to tell you it feels so good. After all these years of, frankly, battling time and money and always having to give up what you were planning to do and getting frustrated, at the end of it, to see everyone really going out of their way to try and save it, it just feels really, really good. So, big warm vampire fuzzies over here. It really took the sting out of getting cancelled."

     "I just want to say to the fans, thank you," Amy says.  "I think that [Save Angel] has been so awesome and it has made us feel better when we've all been so sad. For people to come up and say 'Did you hear there's a rally today?' or 'I saw the big poster today.' That has been as comforting as it could ever be."

Sadly there are only six episodes of Angel left, but if anything we are going to see some familiar faces as the big ending gets closer.  According to the WB, we will see appearances by Juliet Landau (Dru), Julie Benz (Darla) and Tom Lenk (Andrew) plus we will find out what Buffy has been up to.

According to E Online, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) will not be returning for the series finale of Angel.  Joss Whedon (series creator in an interview with TV Guide Online) said he had hoped for her to appear in the second to last episode but he didn’t invite her for the finale (even though she was available for that).  He didn’t want the last episode to revolve around a guest star but be about the regulars that have survived and died together.

     Gellar’s unavailability was due to her filming the horror flick The Grudge in Tokyo.  The episode has been shot and apparently wraps up the love triangle between Spike, Buffy and Angel.  Spike and Angel have come to an understanding and Buffy’s character has come to some sort of understanding.

     The final two-part finale will air May 12 and 19.  Die hard fans still have not gave up, still striving hard with the Saving Angel campaign.  They will be having a rally at the Warner Brothers production offices in Burbank on March 31. 

     According to E Online’s Kristin Angel’s David Boreanaz really does feel for his fan’s “because they have been so supportive” but he is “looking forward to challenges” and “it’s time to try a whole new journey.”

Save Angel Campaign takes Flight

From BBC Cult TV:

Speaking to his official website, J. August Richards was the first of the cast to give their reactions to The WB's sudden cancellation of Angel. "First, I am gonna miss coming to work with the people, whom I've grown close to over the years, and I work with everyday. I am going to miss my character whom I have grown to love and thirdly I'm going to miss the worldwide Angel fans and family that has supported us," he said.

Asked about the show's future now, he was vague, saying, "There is already boost talk about doing Angel TV movies in the future but that's way in the future." However, he had a message of hope for Angel's fans.

"Thank you for supporting us, specifically me for the four years I have been on the show. I feel so grateful for that and having met so many of my fans around the world has truly been an amazing experience. Thanks for everything and I don't want to sound final because I don't feel this is final. The show is not airing next season but I don't feel its over."

An interview with Angel star David Boreanaz is online now at the TV Week site. Below are some snippets from the full interview :

"I really wasn't shocked or surprised [about the cancellation]. This is the way the business is. Like I said when I started the show, I worked on scene to scene, show to was actually a big relief for me and, personally, it gave me a big sense of freedom. I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders."

"When you do 100 episodes and you?re carrying a show, it's a lot of pressure. People rely on you for their jobs...Yet you really owe it to yourself to examine what's right and what's wrong for you as an artist....So for me, I feel like, "Oh, I don't have to hold that cross anymore. As heavy as it may be or as light as it may be, it's not a negative. It's a good thing!"

"...I felt bad for the fans. When the producers took the show and re-tooled it in a way that took it in a different direction, it should have been the responsibility of the network to put a keen interest into it during that time. So I don't think they handled it in the classiest way. And the fans are the people the network really screwed over."

Charisma Carpenter has posed nude for Playboy. Apparently the 33 year old is very proud of her body since giving birth to her son Donovan (father is her husband of two years, Damian Hardy) last March 24th and prepared to show off her newly slimmed down body.  She has posed topless for the magazine.
Eonline is doing it's best to try to save Angel.
Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals why she has not guest starred on Angel.

Exclusive: Angel Producer Talks to IGN FilmForce
Will efforts to save the show be for naught?

A Letter from Joss Whedon

The Demon Rights Activist may look familiar to some soap opera fans.  Bryce Mouer played Rudy Delight on the "Bold and the Beautiful" and Johnny on "Days of our Lives."

TV Guide and Variety report today that The WB has picked up Angel for a full twenty-two episode season based on its positive performance over the last two weeks. According to Variety, the network had an option to cut back to 13 episodes if the show performed poorly this season. Lucky for fans - that hasn't been the case!

The January, special issue of In Style Weddings features on page 404 a Day of Wine &Roses with Amy Acker!  Amy got married last April 25th, 2003 to actor James Carpinello (he played Randy on "Felicity" and can next be seen in the flicks "The Punisher" and "The Great Raid").  The ceremony was held at the Hans Fahden Vineyard, and it had a 'hip, bohemian mood'. It was Amy's dream to be married in a garden.  The 65-member guest list included fellow cast mate Alexis Denisof and his bride-to-be (five months later) Alyson Hannigan.  You can check out the rest of the article and photos in the January issue of In Style Magazine on newsstands now.

Angel returns with a new episode January 14, 2004 with Harms Way. 

David Boreanaz directed an episode called Soul Purpose airing January 21.

The shows 100th episode airs February 4 and is called You're Welcome.

Season 3 of Angel on DVD is available February 10, 2004. has listed James Marsters (Spike) as one of the years top 10 characters on television.

MSN has listed "Angel" at no. 3 of it's list of top ten Most Daring TV Shows of 2003.

Stephanie Romanov (Lilah) will play a widow in sci-fi thriller "Final Cut." The movie stars Robin Williams.

11/20/03 news

News: David Boreanaz will be directing the 10th episode of the season. The show will feature demon strippers.

According to "TV Gal" there's been some negativity to Spike presences on Angel saying he doesn't fit in. Give the guy a chance he did just arrive and everything about 'Angel' right now doesn't seem to fit. (That's my own opinion.) The Gal says the show is doing a good job of balancing Spike and the action around him they just need to add more chicks. Cordy left some big shoes to fit and lets not forget Lilah and no one seems to be clicking with Eve.

Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan got married last weekend October 11, 2003 in Desert Hot Springs, California at the Two Bunch Palms. 

On the BBC Buffy/Angel site you can read the text or watch the videos of an interview with David Boreanaz from a European Event.  Check it out at:

Another David Boreanaz interview to check out is at the WB web site.,8114,127791,00.html

The third Season of Angel will be released on DVD in February of 2004.

Mercedes McNab (Harmony will become a regular sometime in the new year.
Juliet Landau (Drusilla) has already shot an episode that should air on November 19th.
It is confirmed that Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) will return for one episode, maybe around the hundreth episode. Shooting will begin around the end of November. It doesn't look like Sarah Michelle Gellar will be doing any guest appearances this season.

Charisma Carpenter, who won't be returning as a regular cast member on The WB's Angel, spoke for the first time about her abrupt departure in an interview with the Boston Herald and said she was as shocked as anyone. "I was not prepared," Carpenter told the newspaper. "I don't think you're ever prepared for that kind of situation."  Carpenter played the acid-tongued Cordelia Chase for three years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer before moving over to The WB's spinoff series. "Seven years, that's a long time," she said. "I started that show. To not be finishing it is a pretty big deal for me. They went back to work on July 24. ... On that day I thought, 'Oh, today is officially my first day of unemployment.'"  Last spring, Carpenter returned to Angel just 10 days after giving birth to her son, Donovan, and spent two long days on the set, wrapping up the season, the newspaper reported. She said she is absolutely willing to return to the series to provide closure to her character's story arc and bring Cordy out of the coma in which she remained during last season's finale. "I think it would be incomplete if it wasn't addressed but I don't know what's being planned," she said. "I haven't heard anything. As we speak today, there are no plans for me to come back."

Angel and Spike are on the cover of the Sept 6 – 12 edition of TV Guide.  (US only)

Check out David Boreanaz in Dido’s new video for her song “White Flag”.

Unfortunately as of this date Charisma Charpenter has not filmed nor is scheduled to film any episodes of the fifth season of Angel.

According to Kristin of E! News the rumour of James Marsters (Spike) doing a nude scene on Angel is true and has already been shot.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (already noted) Alyson Hannigan and Juliet Landau will make guest appearances this season.

Angel Season 2 boxed DVD set was originally scheduled to be released on August 19th but has been rescheduled for September 2, 2003.

From For those interested, the WB has "Angel" returning to the lineup on Wednesday, August 27:
8/27/03 79R Salvage
9/03/03 80R Release
In addition, the series' long awaited TNT run is set to begin Monday, September 29. I'm told episodes will run Monday-Friday at 5:00/4:00c and 11:00/10:00c however I won't know for sure until TNT's schedule is up next week. Also, local stations across the country are set to begin carrying repeats of "Angel" during the weekends that same week (October 4-5). Check your local listings to find exactly when/if it is showing in your area.

James Marsters will start filming a upcoming movie "Venetian Heat" beginning October 27, 2003 in Papigno, Italy. He will play a character named Adriano. Also starring in the movie are Patrick Dempsey, Sean Bean, Derek Jacob, Franco Nero and Rupert Evans. His band Ghost of the Robot just finished their European tour and they will be performing at the DragonCon convention on August 30th in Atlanta Georgia.
Charisma Carpenter will make a guest appearance on the new NBC show called "Miss Match" starring Alicia Silverstone. The episode will air on October 10th and Carpenter will play a high school pal of Silverstone's character.
Sarah Thompson (Boston Public) who's protraying Eve and Mercedes McNab (Harmony) have been signed for 6 episodes each. Eve has been considered a possible love interest for Angel.
Second episode of Angel will air Oct 15th and begins shooting Aug 5th. It was written by David Fury & Ben Edlund and directed by James A. Contner.
Joss Whedon is still trying to work out guest stops with Sarah Michelle Gellar; he's hoping for something around sweeps.
Whedon said the new season of ``Angel'' will emphasize stand-alone stories as opposed to the serial approach of previous seasons. Whedon, who's writing and directing the ``Angel'' season opener, said he's happy to be working on just one show.
Jeff Bell hopes this will not be the last season for Angel. He says he plans on doing the best 22 episodes he can so the WB will want another 22 episodes more. He hopes that Charisma Carpenter will return for a few episodes and they have plans on how she will come out of the coma.
Joss Whedon would like Charisma Carpenter to return so she can give closure to her character Cordelia story line. He knows what they want to do it will just depend on her schedule.

Filming of the season premiere entitled 'Eve' will begin July 24th and the air date will be September 24th but I've also heard October 1st ( I'll let you know).

Reruns of Angel will be shown on the TNN network as of Fall 2003.

Alyson Hannigan said she would gladly guest star on Angel.  Also, Mercedes McNabb as Harmony will be back.

The writing staff of Angel have admitted that writing Spike into the show will be a challenge. Not only do they have to figure out how to get Spike to L.A., but then there is the unique dilemma of having two souled vampires on one show. They don't want to turn Spike into Angel because "he's not an interesting character being Angel, Spike is a morally ambiguous character". As quoted by David Fury.

Joining the writing team of Angel is Ben Edlund and Drew Goddard and leaving are Tim Minear and Mere Smith.
Vincent Kartheiser (Connor) has been contracted for only one episode, though we will probably see him again in the future. Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) will no longer be a series regular but will appear on a recurring basis. Rumours are flying between her wanting to spend more time with her family and producers being upset that she hasn't lost her baby weight. I'm leaning more towards the idea of her wanting to be with her new husband and baby...

Eliza Dushku's (Faith) new show Tru Calling is set for the 2003-2004 season. It will been shown on Fox Thursday's at 8pm. Eliza plays Tru Davies a recent college graduate who finds herself working the midnight shift at the New York city morgue. She gets a chance to change the past for the victims. The executive producer/writer is Jon Feldman (American Dreams, Roswell and Dawson's Creek).

Anthony Stewart Head (Giles of Buffy) says he maybe crossing over to Angel. He has spoke to the writers about it and they thought it might be quite fun.

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