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Angel Cast Bios

Stephanie Romanov (Lilah)

Stephanie Romanov photo

Name:  Stephanie Romanov

Born:  January 24th, 1969 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Height:  5’ 9”

Parents:  Her father is a pit boss at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas.  She believes (but has no proof) that she is a Russian Tsar,s descendant.  The Imperial family denies she is the granddaughter of Grand Duchess Xenia, sister of Tsar Nicholas II.   She does know that her ancestors go as far back as Eric the Red. Her mother is a MacGregor and Rob Roy is a very distant Great Uncle.

Spouse:  Married to producer Nick Wechsler (25th Hour, 15 Minutes).  Tied the knot December 21, 2001 in a typical Cambodian ceremony performed by five Buddhist monks held in Siem Cambodia at the Bayon Temple at Angkos Thom.

Special Talents:  Speaks Russian and is a trained dancer from tap to the tango.

Favorite Movie:  The Sound of Music.

Jobs: Elite Modeling agent John Casablancas discovered her at the age of 15.  In Europe she was shot in fashion layouts for Italian and French Bazaar.  After moving to New York, she appeared in Elle, Vanity Fair and French Vogue.

APPEARANCES:  Television

Did commercials for Old Spice.

Appeared in Joe Cocker music video “What Becomes of a Broken Heart?”

Melrose Place, 1994 – Teri Spencer.

Models Inc., 1994/1995 – Teri Spencer/Monique Duran.

Homicide: Life on the Street, 1995 – Anne Kennedy

Burke’s Law, 1995 – Liza Dean.

Spiderman, 1996 – voice.

The Sentinel, 1997 – Michelle Lazar.

Early Edition, 1997 – Paulina Rosanova.

Just Shoot Me, 1997 – Nikki Ellston.

Nash Bridges, 1998 – Kendall.

Due South, 1998 – Denny Scarpa.

The Closer, 1998 – Connie Stanza.

Angel, 2000 to present – Lilah Morgan.

Seven Days, 2001– Svetlana Vukavitch.


Spy Hard, 1996 – Victoria/Barbara Dahl

Menno’s Mind, 1996 – Loria.

Cadillac, 1997 – Kathy.

Dark Spiral, 1999 – Soupie.

Sunset Strip, 2000 – Christine.

Thirteen Days, 2000 – Jacqueline Kennedy.

Tricks, 2000 – Candy.

It is what it is, 2001.

The Final Cut, release 2004 – Jennifer.  Began production June 2003.  Starring Robin Williams and produced by husband Nick Wechsler.

Interesting Notes:

She performed her own stunts in Menno’s Mind co-starring Billy Campbell and was made an honorary stuntwoman.

Her salary for Angel is $60,000 an episode.

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