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Angel Cast Bios

Juliet Landrau (Drusilla)

Juliet Landau photo

Full Name: Juliet Rose Landau
Born: March 30, 1971. Los Angeles, CA.
Parents: Martin Landau (actor) and Barbara Bain (actress)
Sister: Susan B. Landau Finch (producer)
Height: 5’7”
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Childhood: Juliet moved to London England at the age of 4. She studied acting and classical ballet at the American school in London before returning to the States at age 18.
Hobbies: She’s a self-described workaholic. She still attends dance and acting classes. She works out avidly and enjoys reading.
Currently Resides: In Los Angeles.


Theatre: Clifford Odets “Awake and Sing!” – Pittsburgh Public Theatre.
Uncommon Women and Others – Los Angeles
The Pushcart Peddlers – L.A
Billy Irish – L.A.
We’re Talking Today Here – L.A
How To Steal An Election – L.A
Failure of Nerve – L.A
West Coast Premiere of “Irish Coffee”.
World Premiere of the musical, “The Songs of War”.

Television: Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, 1992 – Lucinda
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997 to 2003 – Drusilla
Millennium, 1999 – Jeanie Bronstein
La Femme Nikita, 1999 – assassin Jan Bailin/Sara Gerrard
Angel, 2000 and 2003 – Drusilla
Strong Medicine, 2003 – Lorraine

Movies: The Grifters, 1990 – Young Lilly (uncredited)
Pump Up The Volume, 1990 – Joni
Neon City, 1992 – Twink
Ed Wood, 1994 – Loretta King
Direct Hit, 1994 – Shelly
Theodore Rex aka: T Rex, 1995 – Dr. Shade
Life Among The Cannibals aka: Thrill Kill, 1996 – Rachel
Ravanger, 1997 – Sara
Carlo’s Wake, 1999 – Anna Torella
Citizen’s of Perpetual Indulgence, 2000 – Juliet/Zoe
Freedom Park, 2001
Repossessed, 2002 – Alison LaBatte
The Tool Box Murders, 2003 – Julia Cunningham
Going Shopping, 2004 – Isabella
Formosa, 2004 – Virginia

Interesting Notes: The British accent Juliet uses for her character Drusilla on Buffy and Angel is not real.

She wore her Drusilla vampire makeup for long periods of time to get use to her prosthetic fangs.

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