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Angel Cast Bios

Julie Benz (Darla)

Julie Benz photo

Born: May1, 1972 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  She moved to Murrysville, PA when she was two.

Parents: Father a surgeon, mother an ice skater.

Siblings: Brother Jeffrey and sister Jennifer were 1987 U.S Junior champions in ice dancing and competed internationally.

Spouse: Married John Kassir in 1998.

Height: 5’3”

Hobbies: gourmet chef, and golfer.

Profession: Began ice-skating at the age of three and became a professional ice skater. 

In 1988 she competed with her partner David Schiling in a junior dancing competition and ranked 12th in the U.S.A.

When she was 14 she took time off after a bad stress facture.  With her skating career over she turned to acting and got involved in a local theater.

Education: Went to the New York University and studied acting.  After graduation she moved to Los Angeles.


Hi Honey I’m Home, 1991 – Babs Nielson

Cross Town Traffic (TV pilot – Aaron Spelling)

Married With Children, 1994 – Sascha

The Barefoot Executive, 1995 – Sexy Women

Empire, 1995 – Christie Lambert

Hang Time, 1995 – Linda Cantrell

High Tide, 1995 – Joanna Craig

Step By Step, 1995 – Tawny

Hearts Adrift, 1996 – Kristy

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1996-2000 – Darla

Boy Meets World, 1996 – Bianca Sabatini

Diagnosis Murder, 1996 – Julie Miller

Sliders, 1996 – Jenny Michener

The Single Guy, 1996 – Cranberries Girl

Fame L.A, 1997 – Vanessa

A Walton’s Christmas, 1997

Ask Harriet, 1998 – Joplin Russell

The King of Queens, 1999 – Julie

Happy Hour, 1999 – Herself

Roswell, 1999 – Kathleen Topolski

Payne, 1999 – Breeze O’Rourke

Satan’s School for Girls, 2000 – Alison Kingsley

Angel, 2000-present – Darla

Rendez-View, 2001 – Guest Host

The Big Breakfast, 2001 – Herself

Glory Days (unaired pilot), 2002 – Ellie Sparks

She Spies, 2002 - Elaine

Taken (mini series), 2002 – Kate Keys/Walker

The Saturday Show, 2003 – Herself


Street Law (extra)

Due occhi diabolici, 1991 – Betty

Darkdrive, 1996 – Julie Falson, Steven’s wife

Inventing The Abbott’s, 1997 – Co-ed

As Good As It Gets, 1997 – receptionist

Jawbreaker, 1999 – Marcie ‘Foxy’ Fox

Dirt Merchant, 1999 – Angie

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, 2000 – Barbara Primesuspect

A Fate Totally Worse Than Death, 2000 – Danielle

The Brothers, 2001 – Jesse Caldwell

George of the Jungle II, 2003 – Ursula Stanhope


She once auditioned for the role of Kendall on All My Children and originally auditioned for the role of Buffy.  Ironically, both roles were given to Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

Her character Darla was suppose to be a one-time deal (pilot episode) but she did such a good job they prolonged her character.

She auditioned for a role in Eyes Wide Shut.  She received a call back but decided against it when she would have had to do the scene topless.

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