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Alias Predictions & Rumors

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What Might Happen

5/13/04 by Erin

Erin's Predictions for the Season Three Finale of Alias

-Vaughn will go after Lauren, and he will in turn get stabbed by Lauren, who is somehow in the form of Sydney, which will make Vaughn think that Sydney stabbed him
-Sydney will have to chose to save the life of her father of Vaughn, and she will chose her father
-Sydney's sister will be the head of the covenant

5/15/04 by Suzanne

General predictions:

Sark will end up killing Lauren after she tries to betray him.

Will returns and causes further problems between Sydney and Vaughn.

Will gets involved with Syd's sister.


Predictions: Will Cooper may return and be involved with more spy stuff.  Something else will keep Sydney and Vaughan apart even after they discover that his wife is a traitor.  First, though, they will experience some happiness.  Sydney will get pregnant and have to decide what to do.

David Anders (Sark) hinted on a recent visit to "Soap Talk" that his character may have something sexual or romantic going on with Sydney in a future episode.

-The name “Irina” means the personification of peace, cut to Rambaldi device message to Sloane “Peace”. Hmm..... any thoughts?

Rumors say that Sydney and Vaughn will be together again before the year ends. Remember that the actress playing Vaughn's wife has a contract for a full season and that a rumor is only a rumor...

Older predictions by Erin

Erin's Predictions

-Sydney and Sark will have some kind of connection

-Sark will want to seek revenge on Syd for killing his father

-Vaughn and Lauren will start to have some problems because of Sydney

-Jack might find himself in some trouble as he continues to investigate Sydney's disappearance

-Even though Irina will not return, she will continue to be involved in many aspects of Sydney's life

-Sloane is not as clean as he says he is

-Lazarey's death will haunt Sydney in the coming weeks

-There might be some kind of romantic connection between Weiss and Syd which might play with Vaughn's emotions a little bit, to say the least

-As much as Vaughn says he's moved on, I think deep down he still has some issues with Sydney that he will have to deal with

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