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BlackAdder Links

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Blackadder Sites We Like!

  1. BBC Site
  2. The Blackadder: a Titles & Air Dates Guide
  3. Blackadder Hall
  4. The Blackadder Homepage
  5. Blackadder Links Heaven
  6. Blackadder Sounds
  7. Blackadder Web
  8. A Blackadder Reference Site
  9. The Blackadder Society Forum
  10. Blackadder's Lair
  11. British Sitcom Guide
  12. British TV Comedy Page
  13. CGS Success Systems Black Adder Sites
  14. Clicker
  15. Dunsel's Blackadder Page
  17. FanPop
  18. Gary's Blackadder Page
  19. HoopyAdder's BlackAdder page
  20. Index of Blackadder's finest insults
  21. The Internet Movie Database
  22. The Jeanster's Blackadder Page
  23. Newton's Laws of Television
  24. Official BLKADR-L Sounds-A-Bit-Rude Home Page
  25. Queenie's Cunning Page of Blackadder Links
  26. Smacks Black Adder Site
  27. SoundAmerica
  28. Sup's Blackadder Page
  30. UKTV.COM - Blackadder
  31. Wikipedia
  32. Blackadder clip from the BBC
  33. Rowan Atkinson Information Gateway
  34. Rowan Atkinson
  35. Rowan Atkinson Home Page
  36. Rowan Atkinson Website
  37. Rowan Atkinson Forum
  38. The Complete Guide to Rowan Atkinson
  39. Rowan Technologies Page
  40. Rowan Atkinson Fanlisting
  41. TV Guide Online
  42. Yahoo! Entertainment
  43. Miranda Online
  44. Hugh Laurie - Fox's House
  45. Hugh Laurie FAQ Page
  46. Hugh Laurie Fan
  47. Last Of The Tiddlywinking Leapfroggers - Hugh Laurie Fanlisting
  48. Follow Stephen Fry (Melchiot) on Twitter!
  49. The Adventures of Mr. Stephen Fry
  50. Fry Control
  51. Pieces of Flair Great Facebook app that lets you add cute sayings to your profile - do a search for any TV show or celebrity!  Great fun!! Send them to your FB friends, too!

Other Related Links:

  1. Mr. Bean Official Site
  2. Facebook
  3. CGS Success Systems Mr. Bean Sites
  4. Mr. Bean's Holiday
  5. British TV Comedy Page for Thin Blue Line

Links checked 1/11/09 by Suzanne

These are all of the good sites we can find. Do you have a Blackadder Site or know one? If so, email us and we will add it!  Thanks!

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