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DVD TV Show Reviews

The Smurfs, Vol. 1: True Blue Friends

by Suzanne 3/19/09

I was too old to enjoy the Smurfs when they came out on DVD. I was already in college. I know many people who grew up watching them in the 80's and really enjoyed them (some probably won't admit it now). Those people, and any children, should enjoy this DVD set.

Apparently they already did release season one Smurfs on DVD, so I'm really not sure what is different here, or why they haven't released the others. Let's hope they do.

I read that the Smurfs were a big hit in Belgium for 20 years before they arrived in the U.S. What made them so appealing is that no matter what terrible things happened to them, they still remained optimistic. We could use that kind of optimism today!

The set has five Smurf cartoons and one feature, "Meet the Smurfs", where you can learn about the characters and their village.

Children and other fans can also go to the WB site to see more Smurf stuff at

Enjoy the Smurfs!

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Updated 3/19/09  


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