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DVD TV Show Reviews

Rockin' with Judy Jetson

 Rockin' with Judy Jetson


  Review by Suzanne 8/18/11

This was made in the late 1980's, although it certainly feels like it was made earlier than that. It is really awful. Kids may like it, but otherwise, I can't really see many adults enjoying unless they are hard-core Jetsons fans.

You may not want impressionable kids to watch it, since it's a) really stupid, and b) has some kids teasing other kids, which may seem like bullying to some.

The movie/special focuses on Judy and her friends, who are crazy about a rock star that comes to town. They somehow get involved in this other espionage silliness.

Although it came out in the 1980's and takes place in the future, it still has kids wearing dunce caps and going to the malt shop. I guess they tried to keep it as "retro" as possible, but instead it just comes over as dated. The Rock star, Sky Rocker, has a mullet! That and the girl wearing the headband make it very 80's.

The tunes are all bad and forgettable, but they are harmless. I think very small children will probably enjoy the movie as it's fun and silly.

There are no features or extras, and not even any closed-captioning. I am always amazed to find a DVD without closed-captioning. I guess they feel that deaf people will not want to watch it. Well, not many people would, so maybe that's for the best.

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Updated 8/18/11  


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