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DVD TV Show Reviews

Northern Exposure - The Complete Third Season

 Northern Exposure - The Complete Third Season  (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 8/11/05

I loved this show from the first episode.  It was smart, funny, and had great, whimsical characters.  It defined "quirky comedy" for television.  Unlike later shows like "Ed" or "Gilmore Girls", the characters never got annoying or made you want to cringe when you watched them.  The show's dialogue moved fast and was full of intelligent cultural references.  Because it was set in Alaska, which they made seem like a strange, wonderful, far-off place, you could almost believe that people like this really exist there.

The third season was the first full season of the show. It came in as a summer series, then left and didn't come back until the following spring.  It was just hitting its stride at this point.  I loved the romance between Joel and Maggie, and the show was just starting to get into their relationship at this point.  They also brought in the wonderful Adam Arkin, who I loved later in "Chicago Hope".

This is the kind of show that made smart people stop watching PBS for a brief time because they wouldn't be ashamed to watch it.  It was not sappy, stupid, or predictable, and it made you laugh and cry both.  Rent it or buy it and you won't be sorry.  The actors are great and the writing is superb.

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Updated 8/11/05  


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