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DVD TV Show Reviews

Murder One- The Complete First Season

Murder One DVD photo 


Murder One - The Complete First Season (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 5/17/05

I watched this show during its entire run. I really enjoyed it.  It had great writing and acting.  It was compelling drama.  So what went wrong? Why did it only last two seasons?

There were probably a few factors, but there are two that I think are most important.  One was the pacing and two was the lead actor.  The show was a little show than most viewers are used to nowadays.  Also, the idea of the show was that they would do ONE murder case for the entire season.  Today's audiences (and this show is not that old) probably feel like they want MORE cases per show, not fewer.  You might feel that if you didn't watch the show from the beginning, you might feel lost (since it was somewhat like a serial).  I don't necessarily believe that was the case, but perception is often more important than anything else.

The lead actor, Daniel Benzali, was great, so don't get me wrong on that. The problem is, he doesn't have a lot of likability or charisma.  He's all wrong for playing the "hero".  He has probably played more bad guys in his career than anything. He's not your typical handsome hero, and he even lacks the vulnerability of, say, Sipowitz.

In the second season, they took on two cases, Benzali left and was replaced by handsomer, more likable Anthony LaPaglia (now on "Without a Trace").  Apparently it was not enough to save the show.  It's a real shame and I was very disappointed when they canceled the show.

The other actors on the show are interesting and everyone does a great job.  The story is fantastic, too.  It's even better on DVD.  Give it a try and you'll like it, especially if you like gritty, realistic dramas.

There aren't too many extras--one audio commentary and one smal featureette.


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