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DVD TV Show Reviews

Leave it To Beaver - The Complete First Season

 Leave It To Beaver - The Complete First Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  1/1/06

Most of us have watched this old show at one time or another, especially when we were kids. It's a real classic.  I'm not sure, but it may have been the first kid's show that featured a kid and not just as part of the whole family. Anyway, there's a reason it's a classic, and it's not just because it's old. 

Leave it to Beaver is a really sweet and charming kid's show.  Even though it's about a boy, the whole family can enjoy it because it's just fun to see how kids view the world and what kind of things they can come up with.  In that sense, it's a very realistic portrayal of kids, or at least kids back then.

In some ways it's also very dated because people, the world, and families are just very different from the way they were 40-50 years ago.  There are many amusing parts where it is unintentionally funny, so I guess you can enjoy it on different levels--on its own or as a nostalgia piece.

The kids are amazing actors for their age.  The plots are not complex, but they are not overly simplistic, either.  People of all ages can really enjoy them.  If you sit with your kids to watch it, you may have to explain some of the outdated parts, such as why Beaver is afraid of getting hit by his parents or teachers, or why he only takes a bath once a week!

This collection is great for any TV addict. I had only seen the later episodes, for the most part, so it is fun to watch the earlier episodes, when the kids were younger (especially before Eddie Haskell and Lumpy came along).

The quality of the show on DVD is excellent.  Apparently the show has never been available before on video so this is the first time you can watch it aside from reruns.  You get to see the original pilot episode, which is great.  I would have liked to have seen some interviews with the cast members, since most are still alive.

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Updated 1/1/06  


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