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DVD TV Show Reviews

Denis Leary & Friends Presents: Douchbags & Donuts


  Review by Suzanne 1/26/11

I always love Denis Leary because he is really funny. He proves on this DVD special that hasn't changed.

This DVD is from a series of live concerts that Leary and his friends did across the U.S. in 2010. He not only tells lots of great jokes, but there are some hilarious songs that he and his band play as well. He has three other comedians who perform with him, including Lenny Clarke, whom you may recognize from "Rescue Me", Leary's TV show on FX. My husband and I watched the DVD, and both of us found it very funny, for the most part.

The first comic that you see on the DVD after Leary is Whitney Cummings. Frankly, we didn't find her to be very funny. She told your standard jokes about men and women, but they just were not funny (Or she wasn't). Then ther was Clarke, and he was pretty funny. He started out okay but got better. Lastly was Adam Ferrara, who was fairly funny. Parts of his were so-so, but he finished well. I don't know why you wouldn't put Leary both first and last instead of putting the less-funny comedians after him. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

There are some good extras on the DVD. There is an extra song, which is just as funny as the others. They have "Snapshots from the Road", which is basically video clips of some of their time traveling, hanging out, backstage, etc. It's fun to watch and doesn't take much time. "Detours on the Road to Comedy" is pretty much the same thing as "Snapshots" - not really sure why they made that separate.

If you get offended easily or don't like really irrevent humor, or you don't like cussing, you should definitely skip this DVD. There isn't anything that Leary won't make fun of. That's part of what makes him so funny. I don't always like it when comedians sing, but his songs are just as funny as the jokes he tells.

Go buy some beer and settle down to watch this on a Friday night! You won't be sorry.

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Updated 1/26/11  


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