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DVD TV Show Reviews

Knight Rider - Season Three (1982)


Knight Rider Season 3 (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/26/06

I watched the first season or two of this show...I was in college and very busy, so I don't remember why I stopped watching it.  It may be that the stories got worse.  It was not a great to begin with, let's face it.  It is mostly a fun show for kids and fans of action stories.  Back then, we didn't have a lot of Scifi shows to choose from, like we do today.

In this season, K.I.T.T. gets some upgrades, Bonnie returns, and K.I.T.T. meets up again with his evil twin, K.A.R.R.  It's always fun to watch Michael (David Hasselhoff), who was a star on this show long before "Baywatch".  Honestly, I mostly started watching it because of William Daniels, who was the voice of the car.  I grew up listening to the soundtrack to "1776", which starred Daniels, so he was sort of my hero.

Some reviewers on Amazon complained about some missing special effectws and music, but frankly I cannot notice it, and neither will most casual viewers. Don't expect any extras on the set, though.  Universal has been releasing all of these shows without many extras.  But if you love the show and want to see this season, click on the link above to buy this set!

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Updated 2/26/06


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