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Jonny Quest DVD cover


Jonny Quest The Real Adventures Season One Volume Two (1996)

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 4/10/12

This is a very good show, and I have enjoyed the DVD's. I was not watching much animation back in the 90's when it first aired. I did see the original Jonny Quest back in the 60's, and that was fantastic. This modern updating is very good, though, and well worth watching.

This is the second disk for the first season. I hate when they break up the seasons like this, but they seem to do it a lot, especially with animated series.  There are no extras or features on the DVD set that I could see.

This would make a good gift for anyone of any age who enjoys animated action shows.

Read my review of the first DVD

More Information:

We're excited about the DVD release of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Season 1, Volume 2 ( )

Team Quest is Back!

In this pulse-pounding second volume, The Real Adventures reinvention of the classic animated adventure series, Jonny Quest, continues. Jonny, scientist father Benton Quest, bodyguard Race Bannon, paranormal pal Hadji and Race's daughter Jessie, unravel mysteries and uncover strange phenomena while criss-crossing the globe. The scientific secrets of the dazzling virtual reality domain known as Questworld (rendered in CG sequences that broke ground for the era's TV animation) receive the full Team Quest treatment as well in this 2-Disc Collection of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Season One's second 13-Episodes. Strap in for suspense and thrills!

Special Feature: "Journey into Questworld."

Episode Clips:

* I'm Going After Him --

* The Jersey Devil --

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Page updated 5/30/12

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