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"From Dust to Dreams: Opening Night at The Smith Center For The Performing Arts" review by Suzanne
September 21 on PBS

Pat Monahan and Martina McBrideThis is a wonderful concert! It's much more than a concert, actually. There is quite a bit about Las Vegas history and music history in it, too. The show took place in Las Vegas and has many, many great stars of the stage and screen singing and dancing.

It really has a little something for everyone because it has Broadway singers, old rock and country legends, and new ones, as well. Neil Patrick Harris is a fine hoJennifer Hudsonst, as he has proven before.

The show starts out with Broadway tunes from West Side Story and only gets better from there. There is also ballet dancing, and lots of rock singers like John Fogerty, Carol King and many more. It's great fun and really gets your feet tapping. I was even tempted to clap a few times, since I enjoyed it so much, forgetting I was just sitting at home in my living room.

I don't watch a lot of PBS specials, but this is definitely one worth catching!  No matter what your age, you will enjoy this (unless you hate music).  Everyone really brings their "A" game to this show. It's a pretty amazing collection of talent, old and new.

DVD cover

You can buy the DVD, too! This title will be released on October 2, 2012.

From Dust to Dreams: Opening Night at The Smith Center For The Performing Arts


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