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The Closer

"The Closer" Finale and "Major Crimes" Premiere review by Suzanne
"The Closer" finale airs tonight 8/13 on TNT; "Major Crimes" airs Mondays 10/9c on TNT

I really love "The Closer", and I'm very sad to see it go. I never got tired of any of the characters or their stories. Tonight's finale is really great. It has lots of great action and drama, and they tie things up pretty nicely. Of course you know that Brenda has to leave the squad, but still, it's very moving and makes you get all choked up.

I really didn't like the way they handled the outing of their leak. It seems like David's girlfriend came out of nowhere and was just a cop-out. And then, in the finale, they hint that he is going to be joining Brenda, but then she says goodbye to all of them, with no mention of his leaving. But then when they show everyone again in the new show "Major Crimes", David is not mentioned and is nowhere to be found. I think they really dropped the ball there.

Otherwise, though, I have enjoyed the show and its finish. I just wish she wouldn't leave. When she is leaving the squad room, you wish you could follow her, instead of stay behind with "Major Crimes". There is a reason she is the star. Her leaving is going to leave a huge hole.

I like the new show just fine, but it's not as good without her, and her presence is sorely missed. I love Mary McDonnell, but she just doesn't have the pizzazz that Kyra Sedgewick has. The stories are still good, and the rest of the cast will no doubt get more time to shine, but it's a very different show.

Major Crimes cast

TNT sent me the Closer finale and also the first two episodes of "Major Crimes".  In the first episode, they add a new female African-American detective, and she is quite good. She has a lot of personality.  Also, they still have Fritz (Yay!) as FBI liaison, and they even still have a character leftover from The Closer's finale. A young man that is a victim (of sorts) in that last episode is kept around for the new show and Captain Raydor takes him in as a kind of foster parent situation. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

From the photo above, it looks like there will be another African-American male joining the cast as well, but he is still not seen as of the second episode.

If you are a fan of "The Closer" or just good drama, you will probably like the show. However, it's really an ensemble show and is kind of missing a star. They are all fine actors, but I don't know if the show will survive without Brenda or not.

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Page updated 8/13/12

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