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Primetime Show Reviews

Teri Polo (Jayne Valseca) and Esai Morales (Eduardo Valseca) star in the new Lifetime Original Movie "We Have Your Husband", premiering Monday, october 17, at 9:00pm ET/PT on Lifetime Television. Photo credit: Jack Zeman

"We Have Your Husband" review by Suzanne
Premieres Monday, October 17 9:00pm ET/PT on Lifetime

This is an exciting story, based on a real-life story that happened to a family. Like many of these "true life" movies, it doesn't have the world's most satisfying ending. They can't just catch the bad guy if that didn't happen in real life, I guess.

However, it's mostly a very gripping movie with lots of suspense and scary moments, and also some warm, heart-warming family moments.  It's too graphic for kids, but any adult should enjoy it. It has fabulous acting performances, especially by Teri Polo and Esai Morales. 

It's about a man who is kidnapped right after his wedding anniversary. He and fmaily live in Mexico on a nice piece of land. They're not rich, but they still get kidnapped. Most of the movie recounts how the wife tries to get her husband back.  Make sure to catch it!

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Updated 10/4/11 


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