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Primetime Show Reviews

"Revenge" review by Carrie
Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC

I’m usually skeptical of new shows, since they get cancelled too often. But ABC’s new drama “Revenge” caught my attention through the many commercials promoting it. So, I thought to myself, why not check it out? From the beginning, the plot was clear – a young woman focused on getting revenge on all the people who were responsible for her father’s demise. Emily Thorne comes to the Hamptons with a big secret, but only one person knows about it – a young man who was her father’s trusted confidante. Emily ends up falling for Daniel Grayson, the rich handsome son of Victoria, the woman Emily blames the most for what happened to her father. And it doesn’t help matters when Emily finds herself attracted to Jack, her former childhood friend (even though he has no idea who she really is). I’ve been watching for several weeks now and am impressed. I hope “Revenge” stays on the air, but I wonder if it can remain on television for more than one season. Once Emily exacts revenge on all the guilty parties, where does the show go from there?

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Updated 11/9/11 


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