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"Louie" review by Suzanne
Thursdays 10:30pm on FX

FX sends me DVD's of their shows every season. I like some of them. I don't like a lot of their sitcoms; they're not usually funny to me. To me, to be a comedy show, you need to be funny most of the time, or I won't bother watching. Louie is one of the few exceptions. Sure, it could definitely be funnier. However, it's a lot like life, which has some random funny moments but is mostly not funny. It's serious sometimes, it's quirky or weird other times, and sometimes it's funny.

The show is about Louie, a comedian, so it's loosely based on his life.  However, in real life, he's not such a loser or filled with anger.  This season, however, is lighter and not as much of a downer as past seasons. Also, it is funnier, and more importantly, less boring. Last season there were some episodes where I just ended up fast-forwarding through parts of it because they were just boring with no words or anything, let alone jokes. So far I have not seen any episodes like that. They seem to do a better job of editing now.

In the first episode, Louie and his girlfriend break up, and he gets a motorcycle. It's a quirky look at how people can make decisions (or not make them), based on their fears. In fact, I would say most of this season is about Louie's fears. In the second episode, one of Louie's friends sets him up with this woman, played magnificently by Melissa Leo. The punchline at the end is priceless.

In the third episode, Louie goes to Miami and meets this really handsome guy who shows him the "real" Miami. It has the world's most awkward conversation (that part I did have to fast-forward over; I can't take too much "awkward", I'm afraid). We just visited Miami this last weekend, and I enjoyed it. It's a great city. I'm sure we didn't see any of the "real" parts but had a good time, anyway.

In the fourth and fifth episode, Louie starts looking for a girlfriend and finds one in a bookstore. She is real kooky but interesting. Not fake kooky like in some of the sitcoms you see, but a real person. Interesting but kind of scary. I know people like that!  That's what I love about this show. It's very real. It captures the best and worst parts of life, and sometimes it makes you laugh.

Check it out!

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Page updated 6/29/12

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