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Primetime Show Reviews

In Plain Sight

"In Plain Sight" review by Suzanne
Premieres Friday, March 16th 10/9c on USA Network

I don't watch this show regularly, but it's a pretty good show. I have seen a few episodes here and there over the years. USA sent me a disk with the premiere episode.

Mary had a baby at the end of last season just after she shot someone, so this season is all about her dealing with that. She has her mom to help her in the season premiere. She also has to go to a psychiatrist to talk about the shooting. There are some really exciting things that happen in the show that will shock you.

The episode is mostly about this college kid and his mom who are in Witsec because he saw one of his classmates kill another one. They all belonged to a secret and powerful society. It was a very good episode. I look forward to seeing more this season. It's too bad it's the last season because it really is a good show. The cast is excellent and the writing is solid. There are certainly much worse shows on the air.

More Information: USA's hit series IN PLAIN SIGHT returns for its fifth and final gripping season that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with heart-pounding storylines building to an unforgettable finale. Will Mary (Mary McCormack) be able to balance motherhood with a demanding profession? Will Marshall (Frederick Weller) finally be truthful about his feelings for Mary, or can he make his relationship with Abigail (Rachel Boston) work? What will come of Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) and Peter (Josh Malina)? Having opened her heart to only a few men in the past, will Mary ever fall in love again? And the question that has haunted Mary her entire life - where is the father that abandoned her? Paul Ben-Victor also stars.

Ed Decter and John J. Strauss return as executive producers with Dan Lerner as executive producer/director. Natalie Chaidez also serves as executive producer with Michael Reisc as co-executive producer. IN PLAIN SIGHT is produced by Universal Cable Productions and is shot entirely on location in and around Albuquerque, NM.

"The Anti-Social Network" March 16. Mary returns to WITSEC from maternity leave to find a new set of office dynamics. She must protect a witness who could take down one of the most powerful secret societies in the country. Guest stars: Lesley Ann Warren, Ali Marsh, Bryan Callen, Tangie Ambrose.

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Updated 3/8/12 


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