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"Dallas" review by Carrie
Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT

“Dallas” Review – June 14, 2012

When “Dallas” premiered last night, I wasn’t sure how it would stand up to the original.  I’m glad I watched it with an open mind because I was surprised how good it was.

The season begins with J.R. Ewing’s son John Ross (Josh Henderson) striking oil on the Southfork Ranch premises, while his girlfriend Elena Ramos (Jordana Brewster) exclaims that the site holds billions of oil barrels.  In the meantime, Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) is hearing the terrible news from his doctor that he has gastro-intestinal cancer.  Bobby refuses to tell his family right now – he wants to get his affairs in order.  At the country club, Bobby’s son Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) is promoting his idea of an alternative energy source to a group of businessmen when a young woman walks up to the table and starts speaking French to Christopher.  Unsuccessful in his meeting, Christopher joins the woman in the ladies’ locker room, where they begin to make out.  When Christopher is caught red-handed, it’s revealed the young woman is his fiance Rebecca. 

The intro stays true to the original, showing clips of the ranch and locales in Dallas.

As the show progresses, Bobby continues to come to terms about his cancer diagnosis.  During a family dinner, the tension is thick between John Ross and Christopher.  Elena feels awkward when John Ross suggests she step in as Rebecca’s bridesmaid.  (Elena and Christopher used to be an item.)  Because of Bobby’s situation, he pays a visit to his brother J.R. (Larry Hagman), who is socially withdrawn due to clinical depression.  Bobby pours his heart out to J.R., but he has no idea he’s hearing him until the end of the show.

The season premiere of “Dallas” has one twist after another.  We learn Christopher and Elena used to be engaged, and that Elena has believed this whole time Christopher sent an e-mail claiming he didn’t want to marry her.  Elena confronts Christopher right before his wedding to Rebecca.  Christopher denies sending the e-mail.  Elena believes him, but it’s clear Christopher has moved on.  Elena is heartbroken as Christopher and Rebecca marry right in front of her.  As for John Ross, Elena believes he is the one who sent the e-mail.  John Ross says he didn’t do it, but Elena isn’t sure she can trust him. 

When Bobby’s wife Annie (Brenda Strong) comes across her husband’s prescription bottle, she learns the pills are for treating gastro-intestinal tumors.  Annie confronts Bobby in the woods, a place special for the entire Ewing family, because there are so many names written in tree bark.  Bobby says he will fight the cancer with all he has, but Annie wonders if he’s given up.  Bobby wants to wait until the right time to tell their son Christopher.

Which brings us to the part where Bobby decides to sell the Southfork Ranch.  John Ross hates the idea because he wants to drill for oil.  John issues an injunction to stop the sale to the Del Sol Conservatory, a family-owned business that would leave the ranch intact.  Bobby meets Marta Del Sol at the wedding and it appears the sale will be happening soon.  John Ross visits his father to talk business and finds J.R. is not only lucid, but acting like his old self.  John Ross discovers Christopher’s alternative energy project has caused earthquakes in China.  John Ross tries to blackmail Christopher in getting Bobby to stop the sale, but Christopher won’t comply with John Ross’s demands.  Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) promises her son John Ross that he can always count on her.  The twists keep coming as it’s revealed J.R. is secretly working with Marta to gain control of Southfork.  But J.R. has no idea John Ross has his own secret plan – he’s working with Marta, too.  And Marta Del Sol isn’t who she appears to be, either.  When J.R. travels to Mexico to speak to Marta’s father, he has no idea about the ranch sale.  The episode ends with J.R. meeting the real Marta.

I’m definitely looking forward to what happens next in the Ewing saga.  After all these years, the drama still remains.  It looks to be an interesting summer. 

(“Dallas” airs Wednesdays on TNT.)

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Page updated 6/13/12

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