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Covert Affairs

"Covert Affairs" review by Suzanne
Premieres Tuesday July 10 on USA Network

I always enjoy this show, although I don't always watch it regularly. One of these days I'm going to buy the whole set on DVD. But in the meantime, I watch what I can. It helps that USA sends me some of the episodes to review.

In this new season 3, things change HUGELY for Annie and the rest of the CIA group. Something terrible happens (don't want to give it away) and she gets a new gig with a new character (played by wicked Sarah Chalke, who was so great on 24).  The first episode is amazing. It has lots of character stuff, like with her Auggie, and there is also romance and sex, and a lot of exciting action, like always.

I can't really say too much more or else I will definitely spoil it for you. It's well worth watching, though. The series just keeps getting better and better. Don't forget to check it out!

More information:

The critically-acclaimed drama series, COVERT AFFAIRS, stars Golden Globe®-nominated Perabo as Annie Walker, a young CIA operative whose exceptional linguistic skills and killer instinct quickly made her invaluable to the Agency. Last season, after Annie’s mission in Stockholm turned deadly, she comes back to the one person who has always been there for her – Auggie (Gorham), the Agency’s blind tech-ops expert and her best friend. However, Auggie’s mind is elsewhere as he sets out to follow Parker (guest star Devin Kelly) to Eritrea and leaves Annie wondering if her feelings run deeper than she thought. Could the future of their friendship lie in the balance? Meanwhile, both Joan (Matchett) and Arthur (Gallagher) are in precarious positions within the Agency and Jai (Ramamurthy) could hold both their fate in his hands. As the series returns, Annie continues to transform into a seasoned operative with more high-octane adventures spanning the globe. This season, international shooting locations will include Puerto Rico, Morocco and Barcelona and in addition to Kelly, guest stars include Sarah Clarke, Richard Coyle, Daniella Alonso and Rena Sofer.

Interview with Piper Perabo

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Page updated 6/29/12

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