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Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

"Blue Lagoon: The Awakening" review by Suzanne
Premieres Saturday, June 16 on Lifetime

It's been a long time (1980) since the original "Blue Lagoon" movie, starring Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields. It was kind of a silly movie about two kids who get marooned on an island. In that movie, they are very young and grow up together, until eventually puberty hits. It was a very unusual movie for its time, in many ways.

This is not a remake so much as a similar type of movie. These two kids are already teens in high school when they get shipwrecked.  She, Emma (Indiana Evans), is a middle-class popular girl that gets along well with her family and likes to be very organized and has everything scheduled. He, Dean (Brenton Thwaites), is a rich loner who has trouble getting along with his father. Denise Richards plays Emma's mom. She looks a bit like Brooke Shields.

Christopher Atkins does have a small role as the kids' teacher who supervises them on a class trip to some islands. They are working for a Habitat for Humanity type of group, building houses for the poor. Emma's friends convince her to go to this party on a boat one night. Their whole class is there. When the cops show up to stop the party, Emma falls overboard. Nobody notices except for Dean, who dives in to save her. They end up in a dinghy and get separated from the ship. Eventually, they find the island.

When the high school class first goes to the island and then the party, I couldn't help but think of poor Natalee Holloway, going to Arruba with her friends! But that is a very different story.

This is pretty much your typical TV movie. Nothing really exciting or bad happens. It's kind of a love story and you may not regret you passed the time of day watching it.

More Information:

A sweeping tale of survival, adventure and forbidden love.


Film Based On the Classic Love Story Also Features Appearance by Christopher Atkins

NEW YORK, NY (May 15, 2012) – Lifetime premieres the Original Movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, starring Denise Richards and up-and-coming actors, Brenton Thwaites (Home and Away) and Indiana Evans (Home and Away) in the provocative story of teens who fall in love while marooned on a tropical island, Saturday, June 16 at 8:00pm ET/PT. The two-hour film, a modern-day retelling of the classic coming of age love story, also features an appearance by Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon).

In Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, overachieving high school student Emma Robinson (Evans) and slacker Dean McMullen (Thwaites) find themselves on the same class trip to Trinidad. Though they have little in common, Emma and Dean attend a wild party on a boat, and when Emma falls overboard during a police raid, Dean jumps in to save her. The pair drifts in a motorless dinghy until they end up stranded on a deserted island. While their parents desperately search for them, Emma and Dean are forced to rely on each other for survival, and the more time they spend together the more they realize their attraction to one another. Despite their differences, they eventually create a bond between themselves. But as days on the island become weeks and then months, Emma and Dean wonder if they’ll ever be rescued or if their life on the Blue Lagoon will last forever. Richards stars as Emma’s devoted mother Barbara, who refuses to give up the search for her missing daughter. Atkins, who starred in the 1980 romance/adventure movie The Blue Lagoon, portrays Mr. Christiansen, a high school teacher who helps in the search for Emma and Dean.

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening is distributed by Sony Pictures Television. Judith Verno (Lifetime’s Untouchable: The Drew Peterson Story), Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva) are executive producers. The script was written by Matt Heller and Heather Rutman.


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Page updated 6/5/12

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