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Charlie and some convicts

"Anger Management" review by Suzanne
Thursdays at 9pm on FX starting June 28

I really wanted to love this show because I love Charlie Sheen, and he was awesome on "Spin City" and "Two and a Half Men", as well as many movies. I can't really say I even like it that much, though. It doesn't have a lot of laughs. He does fine - it's the writing that needs improvement.

I guess the show is loosely based on the Adam Sandler of the same name. I never saw that. It's about Charlie, an anger management therapist, who used to have anger issues of his own. When his ex-wife dates this guy he doesn't like, he realizes that he might need some more therapy.

You can certainly mine therapy for laughs. It's been done many times, such as in "The Bob Newhart Show" and "Dear John". Crazy people can be funny. But not here. There just aren't many good jokes. That's all a sitcom really needs -- good jokes.

The cast is great. It's certainly not their fault.  There are some very funny people, especially in his anger management group.  It just needs to be funnier if they want me to watch. Personally, I don't think that most of FX's sitcoms are very funny. "Louie" has its moments, and "Wilfred" can be hilarious, (but mostly it's weird). The others - not at all.

Check it out yourself and give it a try!

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Page updated 6/21/12

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