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Primetime Show Reviews

Lone Star cast

"Lone Star" season premiere  by Suzanne
On FOX Monday 9/8c September 20.

This is the strangest review I have done because usually the networks will send me a DVD, or they'll give me a link to see the show online, or I will just watch it and review it with everyone else when it airs. This time, however, I was in a hotel room in Atlanta and watched the show on their Pay-Per-View! It was free, though.  I was looking for something to watch, and they have TV shows on demand nowadays in hotels, and they had these free FOX shows, so....this was one of them.

This is a very intriguing show. Normally I don't like shows where the protagonist is a bad guy, but this one is a little different.  The main character, Bob, should be a scumbag.  He cons people out of money for a living. He lies, cheats, and steals.  He even sleeps with women, marries them, or whatever it takes, to get the money. 

However, the actor who plays him, James Wolk, is very cute and likable. Of course, a con man would have to be likable, but he does not come across as slick, like most TV con men.  He's just an ordinary guy. Also, Bob was raised by his con man father, John (played wonderfully by veteran actor David Keith), to be a con man from a very early age, so in effect, he was brain-washed into it.  And thirdly, it's made clear that Bob does not enjoy what he does and wants to stop doing it.

These three things make you feel bad for the guy and want to see him get out of this life and not get in trouble.  Even when you see him do terrible things like leave his pretty wife to go see his sexy girlfriend, and then hurt them both.  He has to leave his girlfriend, whom he's set up house with in the small town of Midland, Texas, because he is about to get caught.  He sells her family and other people in the town oil wells that he doesn't own.

His big con is the other woman, his wife, Cat, is the daughter of a big oil company magnate.  He has worked his way into their family and their business.  He really enjoys his job at the oil company, and being married to Cat, and he wants to just stay there and do the job for real instead of bilking them out of money. There are two problems with that. First of all, his dad doesn't approve. He wants his son to keep being a con artist because he's so good at it.  He also argues that he's just pretending to be an oil company executive and isn't really one, so he will get caught at some point if he stays.  The second problem is that his dad is right.  Cat's brother is getting suspicious.

Cat's father, Clint, is played by another great veteran actor, Jon Voight. I look forward to seeing Voight and Keith face off at some point, as I'm sure they will.  The show moves along very quickly and is very good. I enjoyed it. It had good writing and really pulls you into the story. I hope it succeeds. I hope viewers are able to look past the fact that the "hero" is not much of one.

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Updated 8/27/10 


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