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Primetime Show Reviews

Human Target cast

"Human Target" season premiere review by Suzanne
Fridays 8/7 c on FOX

Someone must have decided that the show didn't have enough women (true enough, since it was mostly just three guys), which is kind of a shame because it was a fine show the way it was. Anyway, there are two new female characters this season. We'll see how they work out. So far they are fine, but I don't know if they really add all that much to the show.

I'm very glad that they at least have kept the characters the way they were and did not get rid of anyone. The beginning of the episode picks up where the last one left off, and they quickly resolve the situation but get into another one (of course!).

It's the same great action show that it was last season. Let's hope it stays that way!! I look forward to that, and the fun dialogue, and the great guest stars. It's a shame they moved it to Fridays, but I hope it does well there.

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Updated 9/21/10 


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