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Primetime Show Reviews

"Royal Pains" Series Premiere Review by Suzanne

Royal Pains is a good new show from USA Network. I don't know yet whether it will be as good as "Burn Notice" or "Monk", but the first episode is off to a good start. The hero is a doctor who gets sued, even though he did the right thing, and then he is unable to get another job. He loses his wife, too, and seems headed into a deep depression. Then, when he follows his accountant brother to a party in the Hamptons (on Long Island), he stumbles into a job as a high-priced personal. He basically makes house calls to rich people. He also gets to work at a local hospital, presumably helping people who are not rich. The first episode doesn't really delve into that, but I believe future episodes will.

Although the show is ostensibly a medical show, it is really not. There is lots of excitement, action, adventure, sex, and laughs. It is a fairly mindless show, but with good heart. It is definitely enjoyable and fun.

You should tune in and check it out on USA Network! Premieres this week.

More info about the show on our primetime forum!

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Updated 6/4/09 


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