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Primetime Show Reviews

Melrose Place cast pic

"Melrose Place" Series Premiere Review by Suzanne

I was prepared not to like the new "Melrose Place" because I am old enough to remember the last one, and I'm not a teen or person in their 20's (clearly their intended demographic). However, I don't really remember the old Melrose that much, and I do like this new show.

First of all, I like the actors, some of whom I recognize from other shows. They are all not only good-looking but interesting. There are not any bland or boring hunks here.

What do you look for in a show like this? Intriguing stories, secrets, and pretty but interesting people. That's what you get. Clearly Melrose is in its element, since now it's a new century and they can push the envelope even more than they did back in the 90's with the original Melrose. For instance, the original Melrose struggled to tell the story of two gay men, but the new Melrose has a bisexual women as a main character, and it's no big deal.

Since it's been 17 years since the first Melrose premiered, this one is not only full of new ideas but much faster pacing, which is very good. You really don't want shows like this to drag. They are sparkling eye candy and mind candy. You want to just sit back and enjoy it while it's on, and maybe forget about it afterwards (or maybe gossip about it on Twitter).

Some of the original MP stars appear on the show, and in some very interesting and shocking ways. I like the way they tie the new show in with the old. They are in the same apartment building as well.

The show really did pass quickly, and I look forward to watching more of it. It's got a good lead-in with 90210, but it's also got a lot of competition with "Dancing with the Stars", the new NCIS spin-off, and "Biggest Loser". If you like the soaps, watching Melrose while you can! It's worth getting into as long as they keep it as interesting as the pilot episode.

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Updated 9/9/09 


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