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Primetime Show Reviews

cast of "Community"

"Community" Series Premiere Review by Suzanne
Airing on NBC Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c

I was really hoping this sitcom would be very funny. There just aren't very many of them nowadays. I don't know that is. There used to be lots of very funny shows. I like Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. McHale is very funny whenever I've seen him on a talk show or anywhere like that.  I'm sad to say that this sitcom is just not very funny.

It started out very bad, although it did get somewhat better in the half hour.  Not better enough, though. The characters are likable, but that's not enough for me. It has to be funny, otherwise it's a waste of my time.

McHale's character is a lawyer who is forced to go back to community college to finish his undergraduate degree.  That whole premise is kind of contrived and stupid, anyway.  They make fun of community colleges throughout the show, then they talk about him spending four years there. Um, hello, community colleges don't generally have four-year degrees, only two years "Associates degrees", then you have to go to a real college. So that was even more stupid.

The only person I found remotely funny was the British college president...not sure which actor that is because I could not find him in the credits.  McHale was sometimes funny but was mostly obnoxious and unlikable.  Chevy Chase is in the show, but it is not worthy of his talents.

You may find it funnier than I did, or maybe it will get better as time goes on. The show doesn't have much of a chance, though, because it's up against CSI, Supernatural, Fringe, and Grey's Anatomy.  Even if I wanted to watch it regularly, I would have to wait and buy the DVD or something.  I give it just a few weeks before it gets canceled.

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Updated 9/17/09 


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