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Primetime Show Reviews

Troy Dunn is The Locator Series Premiere Sept. 6

"The Locator" Review by Eva 9/14/08

The Locator (Saturdays (9 Eastern 8 Central time with a rerun of the same Episode at 12 Eastern 11 Central time on WE)

"The Locator" is a reality show highlighting investigator Troy Dunn, who has become a phenomenon due to his amazing ability to find realitives or friends. Every week the series highlights one of what Dunn calls his "angel cases". These are cases in which the clients have exhausted every possible idea in order to find their relative or friend.

The show takes you along each week as Troy and his staff try to find this person, and it shows you the anguish that the client has gone through to locate them on their own. You wonder with each case wheth this person will be found, and whether they will want to reunite with the person looking for them.

"The Locator" reminds me of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" in the sense that it changes people's live. The main difference here is that the reunions don't always lead to a happy ending. I found it really intriguing and worth watching. The only negative is that I wish it was on a different network like ABC, CBS or NBC, instead of The WE, so that everyone could watch it. This show gets a 5 out of 5.

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Updated 9/14/08 


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