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cast of "Reaper"

"Reaper" Review by Amanda 12/19/07 On his twenty first birthday, Sam discovers that his parents sold his soul to the devil. However, the Prince of Evil is more than willing to offer Sam a deal. In lieu of going to Hell, Sam can work for him, recapturing the souls of the damned that escape from Hades. Since it is really a good thing and will keep him from burning for all eternity, Sam agrees, though he hates working for the Devil. Each week, he is given a vessel in which to put the soul he captures, but it's never as simple as find the evil escapee and stick them in the box. There's danger, often exacerbated by the "help" his friends provide, and the Tempter never gives him the full story. Moreover, the devil does like to play tricks and mind games with Sam.

Though the premise does contradict good theology and initially, it is disturbing to find the devil so charming, on reflection, the portrayal is spot on. The devil would be just as suave and debonair as he is portrayed her, and might even seem like a good guy. United States fans of supernatural shows who may have heard about the Canadian show, Collector, may be tempted to compare the two, but this is a far lighter, more optimistic show, and truly, good fun that contains a subtle warning.

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Updated 12/19/07 


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